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107 Times Horror Lovers Got Spooky Halloween Tattoos, And They Worked Brilliantly

The spookiest month of the year is winding up to its peak and Halloween’s right upon us, dear Pandas! We might love pumpkins, bats, and eating candy till we’re near to bursting, but there are some seriously major fans of Halloween and horror out there who actually commit to getting the spookiest things inked on their bodies.

Bored Panda has compiled this list of some of the best, most creative, fun, and sometimes even downright scary tattoos that nearly any die-hard fan of Halloween would be happy to show the world. As you scroll down, remember to upvote the tattoos that you thought were the coolest and let us know in the comments which of these designs you can’t stop thinking about. If you’re in the mood for some more spooky goodness, take a peek at our earlier post about Hocus Pocus tattoos here later on.

Bored Panda wanted to learn more about spooky Halloween tattoos, so we reached out to David McKinlay, the proud owner of the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio in Glasgow. Read on for our full interview with him.

David, the owner of the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio, revealed to Bored Panda some of the secrets about the most popular Halloween tattoo designs. He’s given us a peek behind the curtain, and it’s fascinating what’s on the other side. As it turns out, classic horror movie characters are regular favorites.

“Over the years, the most popular Halloween designs are the classic horror villains. Michael Myers, Jason, Ghostface from Scream in particular. Beetlejuice, Frankenstein’s monster, and zombies are also regulars this time of year,” the tattoo artist and studio owner shared with Bored Panda.

We were interested to find out what the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio has been doing in the run-up to Halloween. According to owner David, they’ve got a really fun system in place for the boldest and most adventurous clients who are looking to get some new ink. It’s a small lottery where the tattoo that you get depends on the throw of a single ten-sided die. It has been wildly popular.

“Our artist Chrisse has been doing a Halloween design special in the run-up to Halloween this year,” David shared. “She has ten sheets, each with ten spooky designs on them. The client has to roll a 10 sided die, and the person can pick that numbered design from any of the ten sheets. She’s fully booked for all this week doing these designs, so has maybe 30 clients in this week.”

David opened up about how business at the studio has been booming recently, despite the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and the continued protection measures in place in Scotland. “Business has been great, and we’ve actually never been busier. As people aren’t spending money on holidays, they’re spending it on themselves,” he said.

“Also, after the lockdowns, there’s definitely a more ‘carpe diem’ attitude out there, which is brilliant,” he shared, alluding to the ‘seize the day’ mentality that empowers people to make the most of their lives and take more risks.

Just last week, Bored Panda spoke with writer and Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Doug Murano about why we love spookiness and scary stories so much.

“I suspect that most of us—regardless of our spiritual beliefs—have a longing for something beyond this life. Human beings seem to be pre-programmed with this urge,” he explained during an interview.

“So much of horror and speculative fiction grapples with death and what happens after we die that I can’t help but believe much of our interest in such stories is an expression of a longing for experiences and existences beyond our perceptions,” Doug told Bored Panda.

“Great horror stories thread a precarious needle: They maintain a sense of the truly inexplicable while creating a world and a narrative that provides enough answers to ground the story. Over-explanation kills most horror, which is why the shark is scariest when you only see the fin; the alien is most terrifying when it’s lurking in the shadows; the killer is most monstrous when he’s masked,” the horror story expert explained.

“My professional expertise is limited to fiction, but I’ll say this: I’ve seen enough real magic and wonder in the world to make me think twice about whether the supernatural is real—and I think that’s a healthy thing. It’s perhaps less important to believe any given tale than it is to remain open to experiences while leaving room in your head and in your heart for belief,” Doug said that we should learn to enjoy the spookiness and the horror, no matter if it’s fact or fiction.

Which of these spooky tattoos were your favorite ones, Pandas? Do you have any spooky tattoos of your own? What are the things that you love the most about Halloween? You can share your thoughts with all the other readers in the comments.

So go on, don’t be shy—grab your ink quill, hop onto your broom, and fly on by!

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