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112 Meals That Look Really Uncomfortable

I have a philosophical question for you: if someone enjoys a meal that everyone else finds horrid, do they prove that taste is subjective? Or do they achieve the opposite and show that it exists within certain boundaries? Whatever your initial answer is, hold on to it until you finish scrolling through this list. Believe me, it might change.

To show you that some stomachs have no limits, we at Bored Panda put together a collection of the weirdest food combinations we could find. We’re talking bacon-wrapped Oreos, hard-boiled eggs with Nutella, and… I can’t go on, sorry, I just had breakfast. You’ll have to scroll down and check out everything for yourself. If you have the guts, of course. Just don’t tell Gordon Ramsay about these photos — he’d probably stab these “chefs” with a fork.

After Watching Rob Czar From Threadbanger Make A Peep Pizza On Man vs. Din I Was Curious Just How Good It Would Be

Ladies and gents I have to say this was actually really good! Wouldn’t make a whole pizza like this but a personal-sized one was perfect. If you have some peeps leftover I recommend giving it a shot.

winterfirecosplay Report

Creme De La Chips

For the record. It was awful.
Almost ate the whole thing tho. I feel sick.

gurraponta Report

Lunch. I Am Here To Stand Up For The Humble Sardine

They are very satisfying. Very healthful, will make your coat nice and shiny. Now, this sounds weird, but they go well with peanut butter. I know. It sounds gross. Most folks can’t get past the sardines.

merricooksandeats Report

Scrambled Egg With Peaches

So… I came home this evening and my roommate gave me some leftovers. I saw a container of what I thought was cooked tomatoes since it was red and had the same texture of a tomato. I decided to mix it with my scrambled eggs in the pan for dinner. By the time I smelled the sweet aroma, I realized it wasn’t tomatoes, it was peaches! So I’ve ended with with a dessert scrambled egg with peaches. I didn’t want to waste it so I ate it. Not as gross as I thought it would taste.

dennis.zen Report

Who Would've Thought That ⁣⁣i'd Be Eating Onion Rings With Honey

I ordered a side of onion rings to snack on at Le Shack and I was surprised when they showed up with honey. Me being me tried it and completely fell in love.

nkyangelica Report

Watermelon Sushi? Yep, This Is One Of Those Just So Weird It Works Food Combinations

Last summer I was at a restaurant in Brooklyn and they had a dish with watermelon and seaweed on the menu. It sounded bizarre but I figured I HAD to try it.⁠ ⁠ I was very pleasantly surprised. ⁠
It makes for a great combination of salty and sweet flavors.⁠ ⁠ And if you want some compelling health benefits – Vitamin C (which watermelon is packed with) helps us better absorb iron (which seaweed is rich in)!⁠ ⁠
Eating lots of watermelon in the summer is a GREAT way to improve hydration. And finding creative ways to add it to your diet keeps it interesting. ⁠ So next time you’re at the store pick up some watermelon and some seaweed, top them with a crack of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon and enjoy this weirdly satisfying snack. ⁠

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