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32 Times When Dogs Got Kicked Out Of Daycare For The Funniest Reasons, Shared By Owners Online

If you have pets and you have to go to work every day, you know the struggle of leaving them alone, especially when they follow you to the door and are looking at you with their sad faces. Fortunately, there are daycares, most often for dogs, which work similarly to children’s daycares: you drop off your dog in the morning before work and pick them up after, or you take them there occasionally to let them socialize with other dogs. 

But not all dogs can attend daycare because they get really naughty. Twitter user Sophie Haigney shared that her dad’s dogs were kicked out of dog daycare because they were forming a gang. People loved the tweet and others remembered the times when their dogs were asked not to return to dog daycare and the thread is just hilarious.


Image credits: Sophie Haigney

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