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70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories)

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Lived in a small apartment and my neighbours always cranked up their music to 11. Like loud, loud. And until something like 7am. Maybe later, but that’s when I would leave for work. It was so loud that I couldn’t hear my own tv over it. My neighbours and I would bang on the door but they would never open the door. It was like trying to sleep at a festival.

Then at some point I found out they often left for a bar across the street but would just leave the music on, so I would pull the breaker for their apartment, but they would just come back at 5am and turn it back on.

It was reported by heaps of people, but nothing was ever done, so at some point I would jam their lock when they went out so their keys wouldn’t work anymore and they had to get the property manager in while the music was blasting inside.

After a couple of times of that happening they were evicted.

Maybe I’m the bad neighbour in this story…

time_to_reset , Eric Nopanen Report

In redditor u/gigi_c16’s opinion, what lies at the core of being a good neighbor are honesty and being someone others can trust. There’s a practical element to being a good person and neighbor here at work, too. “You could be away on vacation and something could happen inside your home, you would want your neighbor to be the one person to help out and tell you everything including taking care of the house, especially if you have pets,” they told Bored Panda that it simply pays to be someone your neighbors care about, whether you’re being kind for the sake of being kind or because you think it might be useful to have them on your side in the future.

“In this day and age, I believe we are starting to learn more about our neighbors because of technology, now everything is just a call or text away,” they said that they’re skeptical that we’re getting to know our neighbors less nowadays.

I posed a hypothetical question to u/gigi_c16 about how we should react if a certain neighbor keeps making our lives miserable day in, day out. I was curious whether we should ignore them, try to reason with them, try to be compassionate, or go for some other tactics, instead. In the redditor’s opinion, it’s best to get all the other neighbors on the same page and on your side if things are getting seriously out of hand.

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) When I was seven, our next door neighbor came pounding on our front door to scream at and threaten to kill my dad because our pet that we kept in our backyard was being too loud. The pet was a rabbit.

A rabbit.

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70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) When I was younger and living in a different city our front neighbors stole our dog from our backyard one day and we didn’t find out it was them until a few months later when we saw our dog in their yard. They denied they stole it and wouldn’t give it back to us until we got the police involved.

Duhveed6 , Cristian Castillo Report

“I think we should react to our neighbors making us miserable is to tell others that are around your street to just look out for this neighbor and try to have another neighbor to trust,” they said. “It’s always good to be compassionate but if it gets to the point this neighbor doesn’t respect you back, I wouldn’t try to be. I feel like it is best to ignore them as long nothing extreme happens.”

I was also curious about the inspiration behind the redditor’s thread in the first place. As usual, it’s real-life experiences that usually drive us to see if others can relate to us.

“There are so many stories about annoying neighbors, but I wanted to see how weird these stories can get. I had a couple neighbors that were annoying or just a bit odd so I wanted to ask others about their stories.”

I’ll be completely honest with you that I don’t know even know the majority of my neighbors. I don’t know their names, what they like or dislike, what their dreams and ambitions are. I do, however, know what they like to cook (the smell of their cooking wafts into the corridors) and what breeds of dog they keep (I say hello to them when they take them out for a walk). I’d go as far as to say that I’m better pals with the cashiers at my local shops than I am with the people living, quite literally, next door to me.

I’m not alone in this disentanglement from neighborly bliss, however. One British study found that a whopping 75 percent of respondents see their neighbors as mere acquaintances. And that’s at best! Community spirit seems to be in short supply these days. Though, of course, that can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) My old neighbour was perfect, quiet and always had a nice chat when we met outside our flats. He was obviously dealing drugs but he kept all the junkies in line, they were quiet as well when they were knocking on his door all hours of the night. Then he stabbed the s**t of two guys that came to his door. The hallway was covered in blood. It was crazy. Still, after he got sent to prison a new guy moved in that played music constantly as loud as he possibly could. I’ll take ol’ stabby back any day.

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70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) We rented a house that had another apartment in the basement. The lady who lived below us kept to herself for the most part so we didn’t see her much.

Part of our rental was a detached garage and she asked if she could put small deep freezer in our garage. We were using it for storage, so we were fine with it. After a couple weeks of having her freezer in there, it somehow got unplugged and she came unglued on us and wanted us to pay to replace everything. I understood her frustration, but we hardly ever went into the garage since it was only for storage. In other words, we definitely didn’t unplug it and our landlord agreed. But she was PISSED.

She had a son in college who came home for the summer. During that summer he found a cat and brought it home. His mom said no cats inside, so he would feed the kitten outside. She was pretty wild. He left for school again in the fall and we noticed that the cat was getting very thin. We started feeding her outside in her usual spot. Around Christmas we bought a bag of cat food and I made a plate of cookies and left them both at our neighbor’s front door. The next day they were both back on our porch. Rude. Whatever.

We continued to feed the cat because she obviously wasn’t feeding her. A few weeks later the cat came to our door crying. She was trying to come inside. Super weird considering she was pretty wild and we had never let her inside before. I let her in and noticed she was pregnant and for sure about to have babies. I made her a little corner and she had babies the next day. We let her stay in the house with us but we knew we couldn’t keep her. I went downstairs to talk to our neighbor. She said that her son’s cat was a boy so the cat we had obviously wasn’t his.

I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in fostering a cat and her kittens because we couldn’t keep her. Her son saw my post on Facebook and got SUPER mad at his mom. She then called the cops and said that I stole her cat and lied to her when she confronted me about having the cat in my possession.

It was the stupidest, most frustrating thing that had ever happened to me as far as neighbors go.

LePointlessPorcupine , Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) We had some neighbours that used to leave their garbage out in plastic bags the night before garbage day – instead of putting it in a bin. Around here, that’s just ringing the dinner bell for raccoons and other critters.

Sure enough come morning there’s garbage strewn all over the neighbourhood. What the raccoons and skunks didn’t spread around, the wind picked up the slack. Some of the people on the street kindly approached the guy and asked him to put his garbage in a bin. He told them to go f**k themselves.

Thus began the Garbage Wars.

Every morning of garbage day some people on my street would collect all the half eaten and rotten trash from their lawns and toss it back into the dude’s backyard. He would collect it, then dump it back on their lawns. Or cram it into their bushes. People started finding half eaten burritos and candy wrappers in their mailboxes. The street started to look like a slum. Police were called. Health inspectors. City by-law enforcement. Each side was calling in whatever authority they could muster to get their enemy in s**t.

The dude and his family (amazingly his wife seemed perfectly pleasant) lasted about 8 months then moved.

Every once in a while I find a random margarine lid or piece of styrofoam in my hedge, and my mind goes back to those dark days of war.

kor_hookmaster , John Cameron Report

According to The Washington Post, being a good neighbor means adhering to neighborly etiquette and helping others do the same. For instance, if somebody new is moving in nearby, you can help them out by providing a list of useful information. From information about the best local handymen and places to eat in the neighborhood to a list of your own contact details.

By being proactive and helpful, you can preempt a lot of potential disagreements. Before they can even begin to bubble up.

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) When I was growing up my rear neighbor, Janet, and my mom were both going through rough divorces at the same time. My mom mostly kept to herself at first. Janet did not take that approach.

At first it seemed frustrating but reasonable. We had dogs and a fenced in yard in the suburbs. One day the dogs were left outside and barked too long. Janet filed a noise complaint.

Then she started filing noise complaints any time she saw the dogs outside. Then my mom started keeping them inside more. Then Janet filed complaints when she could hear the dogs barking inside, or when she heard someone else’s dogs, or really just whenever she felt like it because this wasn’t about the noise it was about Janet feeling a sense of control over something during an out of control divorce.

Eventually, the cops must have told Janet she had to stop calling them, so she started calling animal control instead. The cops had (we presume) told her that she was at risk of a criminal charge for abusing police services, but animal control had no such protections. They had to come out when someone filed a “loose animal” report.

It got to the point where animal control knew what was happening, and would come to our door to make small talk with my mom just to file their report. They told her though that as long as the calls happened they had to at least come out.

Then my mom had a feather brained idea.

Whenever animal control showed up, my mom would buy a two-pack of lawn flamingos and put them in our yard. She was a teacher, so she got up early. When she did, she’d take the flamingos and make them stare at Janet’s front door. Then she’d get home earlier than Janet, and move them around just like normal decor.

Whenever Janet made a call, my mom bought more flamingos. And whenever Janet made a call, a bigger and bigger flock of lawn flamingos stared her down the day after she left for work, but would be casually mingling when she got home.

I can only imagine what she must have thought. One would have to think she questioned her sanity, both because of the movement and the incremental growth. But by the time it got to twelve or so lawn flamingos giving her the hundred yard glare, she made the connection.

Janet never called animal control again after that.

mister_sleepy , Lindsey Turner Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Very religious neighbor came to pick us up for church every Sunday morning.. We kindly declined every time, never made a big deal out of it.

Sold the house, the new owners got a judge to issue a no-contact order, the overly religious neighbors were not even allowed to walk by the house anymore.

schilpr , James Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) When my wife and I moved into our house in the summer of 2019, the neighbors on either side of us warned us about the people renting the house directly behind ours. Apparently they had been known to cause trouble and blow things way out of proportion, bordering on paranoia of everyone around them.

We kept it in mind but had no issues for the first 6 months or so after moving in. Their house sits on a hill behind ours and so overlooks the majority of our back yard due to the elevation change.

Well one night (morning, technically) at about 3am we wake up to Ring notifications from our phones showing video from our front doorbell – there’s a man standing barefoot in a sleeveless shirt on our porch POUNDING on our front door.

We give it 2-3 minutes just watching him on the app thinking maybe he’s drunk and has the wrong house… essentially giving him the benefit of the doubt. But then we start to hear him say “come out you f**king p**sy, I’m gonna f**k you up” etc and he leaves the porch and starts to head around the side of the house towards our backyard.

Considering we had NO idea who this was, my wife now immediately calls the police as I move out of our bedroom towards the external doors to look/listen for any attempt of home invasion. At this point our neighbors directly behind us throw a HUGE spotlight into our backyard from theirs.. we’re thinking okay cool they know something is up and they’re trying to help us out by shedding light on our backyard.

The cops arrive several long minutes later and knock, we explain the situation and they head out back to look around and get the scoop from the neighbors with the spotlight. It turns out that the spotlight neighbor was the one on our porch, he had jumped our fence into our backyard and up into his yard and then threw the light on.

He told the police that several nights prior, I had let my puppy out into MY OWN backyard in the middle of the night and because I was in my boxers, that I was “trying to expose myself to his family” because they could look down on our entire yard from where theirs sits.

He then followed this up to the police with “evidence” which consisted of videos he had taken THROUGH OUR WINDOWS of my wife and I inside of our own home doing totally normal things like chores, watching tv, etc.. nothing inappropriate or scandalous (not that it would have mattered anyway, we were in our OWN HOME). Because of the elevation difference, if they went out of their way they could technically slightly see through our closed blinds due to the angle… so they had been filming us for no reason at all and expected the police to see this as reasonable?

The cops came back in and my wife was devastated, a huge breach of our privacy of course and totally unfounded accusations as we had never done anything to anger these people, we hadn’t even met them. The police told us “just don’t worry about it, if he tries something again just give us a call” which wasn’t the most comforting at the time.

They moved out a few months later without any additional issues, my wife and I celebrated like it was a holiday when we saw the moving van in their driveway.

NoWayThisIsTaken , Thomas William Report

Part of being a good neighbor means maintaining the looks of your piece of suburban paradise. Be sure to mow your lawn, clean the gutters, regularly repaint your home, and generally spruce up how the outside looks. It’s nice to live in a nice home, as cheesy as it sounds. And your neighbors will thank you because you’re helping increase property values because of how good your house looks.

It’s also important to be responsible pet owners. Clean up after your dog. Make sure your pets aren’t left to run loose wherever they want. Many of us might love pets, but not everyone’s happy to see a random doggo going number two on their manicured emerald lawn.

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Neighbour took me to court and tried to sue me for $24,000 because my dog growled at her and caused her emotional distress.

Didn’t get very far in court.

mandolinwars , Daniel Lincoln Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) I used to live in a house that was split into two apartments. My neighbors had the lower half, and I learned we had issues with the HVAC when their cigarette smoke came visibly pouring out our registers: stank up everything we owned.

Then one of them stole my car.

reddit , Meritt Thomas Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) I lived in a 3 story apartment building on the middle floor. The bottom floor was basement apartments. It was a very quiet building and a lot of people were older and lived there 10 years or more. Then this weird creepy a**hole moved in below us. He would play music loud all night and I had to be up for work at 5 am. He wouldn’t answer the door so we could ask him to turn it down. So I had to jump up and down until he heard it. He had pisssed off girls banging on his door screaming for hours and he was home but wouldn’t answer. She ran out and poured nail polish all over his car. His apartment was basement but he had a huge window that was right next to the stairs to get in. He never closed the curtains and you would see directly down into his living room where he had built a sex swing with bondage stuff hanging on it. Had to explain what it was to everyone that came over even my Mom. Then one day a cop knocked on the door he was holding about 20 pairs of women’s underwear and asked me to pick out mine. It was like 3 pairs and the cop said throw them away the downstairs neighbor had been wearing them because he was stealing them out of the laundry room. I guess the upstairs neighbor was walking in the building and seen her underwear hanging on the sex swing and called the cops. So they arrested him for stealing our underwear, The landlord evicted him. When he got out of jail he was so pissed he was getting evicted he went and bought a bunch of sand and covered the whole apartment in sand and turned the air conditioning all the way up and left it after he switched the electric back into the landlords name. He was a nightmare neighbor.

truisluv , ZAKI ARIK Report

Finally, probably the most effective way of becoming friends with your neighbors… is to become friends with them. You can’t like someone if you don’t know them! So invite ‘em over! Grab some dinner together, watch some TV, play charades. Do whatever you feel like you want to do to get to know the people in your local community.

You’re not just having a wonderful time, you’re also laying the foundations for peace in the future. After all, any disputes you might get into in the future are far easier to solve when you know and like the people on the other side of the white picket fence.

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) I lived in a complex of sorts with stacked townhouses and a communal backyard. One night I went out for a smoke and heard a commotion. There is a cracked out middle aged woman who is yelling at her upstairs neighbour for stealing her raccoon. Yes, she yelled that it was her raccoon because she left a bag of sugar out for it which is apparently a delicacy to raccoons. The raccoon was on the upstairs neighbours’ balcony so to get it back she constructed this ramshackle stairway of garbage (upturned garbage cans, broken chairs, etc) and tried to climb up while wielding a hula hoop. She managed to get to the top of garbage mountain and somehow thought she could trap the raccoon with a hula hoop (????). Other neighbour came out and a fight ensued with upstairs neighbour biting the crackhead. Police were called. Raccoon was never seen again.

mandolinwars , Joshua J. Cotten Report

When I was a little girl, like 10, I had this grown man neighbor that spanked me every time I saw him when I was playing outside. Just one swift slap, like, daily. It was obviously only when my parents weren’t around, but it was incredibly inappropriate. So maybe not creepy so much as pedophile-y, but still…

SoSheSays28 Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) A bunch of old folks moved out and some new neighbours came in. They met us once to ask permission for barbecuing. That was literally the only time I saw them.

They’d never come out. You’d never see them morning or evening. They were never at the local shops and when they moved in we did they had like 15 mattresses for a 4 bed house which raised some red flags but we didn’t think much of it because they were quiet.

Turns out they were running a brothel in there.

Yes they were arrested.

cpl1 , zeebah tronic Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Growing up there was a middle aged lady, lived across the road, with her young daughter.

Every day I’d see her walk down the road carrying two large laundry bags, and later she’d return with them. Did this almost everyday. I was curious how just the two of them needed to do so much laundry, so frequently.

Years later my mum told me the lady had been a refugee from nazi Germany. She was terrified she’d leave the house and the Nazis would raid it when she was out. So she carried all of her clothes with her. Always. Everywhere.

mozgw4 , Timothy Krause Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) I once lived next to a guy who’d run out, stand on his porch and strip naked when he saw me.

MistAC001 , Avi Werde Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Neighbour loves waking up at 6AM, fighting a random mannequin in his backyard while shouting. It’s painful, but we all deal with it

YourMakeUpHoe , Hello I’m Nik Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) My mom, dad and I moved into a condo when I was about 14, it’s set up like an apartment building, so we we had a neighbor on our right and one below us. When we first moved in we met Trina our downstairs neighbor, she was an older woman (60’s) taking care of her mentally challenged grandson (my same age but mentally a 6 year old with minimal language development) she seemed sweet and welcomed us. We had a few small issues but kept them to ourselves; she smoked A LOT, like 3-4 packs a day, and the smell would over take our house, and he grandson would “scream” a lot in the early morning but nothing serious and we never said a word. We were all friendly enough and life was fine.

About two years after moving in my mom bought a portable hose, to water her outdoor plants and clean the balcony off. This is when s**t hit the fan. Trina lost it when my mom washed the patio for the first time, just water no chemicals, just rinsing the dirt off. Trina promptly started screaming about killing my mom for doing this. She then complained to the condo association every single day for years. She started to burn small fires in a coffee can under our windows in an attempt to smoke us out. She once saw my bedroom window was left open and literally flooded my room with her hose. She would call the police on every single noise we ever made, it got to the point that if she called the police and they showed up and there wasn’t an issue she would be fined $50.

A couple years later I become pregnant young (18) and my boyfriend moved in and we had a baby. She told my boyfriend that I had a revolving line of men, and I was unsure who the father was but chose him because he was nice. (Completely fabricated) She continued with her nonsense for years and years, she once was driving down the drive way while I was getting my then two kids into the car; she literally tried to hit my oldest son with her car. I had to physically pick him up and throw him out of the way. When the police came she denied everything.

She harrased my family for years to the point of the condo association having to have private meetings with her and my dad, which nothing ever came of. The condo association was just as fed up as we were.

Three years ago my mom died suddenly of CJD and when she realized my mom was no longer around she laughed and told my dad and my kids that my mom deserved to die. She was an awful, awful woman. She recently fell ill with Covid, and subsequently had a stroke. We don’t know if she is still alive or in a home but my dad (who still lives there) says it’s nice to be free of the constant harassment.

ambersavampire , CDC Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Old guy that lived next door when I was young, would shower in the backyard, would buy goats to do his lawn, eventually he stop buying goats and would just set the lawn on fire….

kingofcrob , AILEY MAHON Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Her kid came into my house uninvited, started beating my younger brother with an empty apple juice container, then reported us when our dog bit her.

SpaceAgeUnicorn , Hunter Johnson Report

I used to work a lot from home, and in the place I was staying back then, my neighbour used to go out for a run, take a shower and get dressed at her window right across from me every week day at exactly the same time. I started opening my window to make it more obvious I was sitting there, working. She responded by having her window open, too.

7hr0w_4w4y_ Report

I lived in an apartment building and would hear weird scratching at my door like someone was trying to get in at night. Then someone knocking at my door. I answered that exactly 2 times because the dude terrified me.

He would show up wearing nothing but an open bathrobe and wanted to “just talk.”

I actually called the cops the second time he knocked and gave them the whole story. A 20 yo girl living on her own and some middle aged man trying to get in to her apartment? Scary. The cops and landlady must have worked together to get that guy to back off cause after calling the cops he stopped coming by.

DaughterEarth Report

A guy named Sibbald. He straight up smelled like tuna all the time. He’d come knock on our door to ask for random things in his robe – a rubber band, an apple slicer, a door stop. Like probably once a week. My bedroom door faced his kitchen and sometimes I’d look over and see him laying on the floor. It was bizarre.

doctorbeansprout Report

Come outside every time I do. If I mow my neighbors will mow at the same time, sometimes a bit after I finish. If I get a delivery they come outside and say “Wow working on another project!”. If I have company pull up they come outside to let their dogs go potty or “check the mail. There is only 5 of us on a back road and they are all over 60, I am 27. Although it’s annoying they are always pleasant and I’m sure they watch my house when I’m at work and would be quick to call the authorities if something happened when I wasn’t home. I’ll take the annoyance over having pesky young neighbors who party any day.

world-ask Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) Apartment building- The upstairs neighbours dog peed on their patio and it dripped down onto me while I was sitting outside reading. I yelled and ran to shower and when I texted them to ask them to take their dog out to pee in future they said it wasn’t their dog and it must have blown over from somewhere else. What?

ClubWithAJungleTheme , freestocks Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) I have a few from the same neighbor who I’ll call Linda. Linda would often have men outside the apartment building that she locked out screaming her name. But the best story regards a boyfriend Linda had who insisted my room mate and I call him “The Captain.” About a week after meeting him, we came home to a wedding announcement for Linda and The Captain. Yes, his name was The Captain on the announcement. Exactly one week later still, The Captain was arrested outside our apartment building for public intoxication at 2 AM while screaming “I’ve made a huge mistake, f**k you Linda! A huge mistake! I’m ruined!”

katartsis , Beatriz Pérez Moya Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) When I started my first job post-college, I was thrilled to live by myself for the first time in my life. I had this beautiful 1 bedroom apartment in a solid part of town.

Everything was great until 6 months later, when new tenants moved in next to my unit. I had a package go missing (a phone case). Amazon had posted a photo of it at my door, so I thought that it was just a fluke. Then it happened again, and again, and again. The office wouldn’t accept packages, so I had to get my items delievered to friends’ places instead. Overall wildly inconvenient and the police didn’t care in the slightest when I reported it, so I just figured I’d deal with it.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I come home after being gone for less than an hour, to see that my doorknob and front door were scrapped up and the knob was barely hanging on.

Long story short, I had been parking in plain view of this guy’s window, so he was able to tell when I was home. I am 100% convinced he tried to break into my place, and that me coming home early interrupted him. I googled his name after I moved (I got it off a package at his door) and found that he was a convicted felon with charges that include grand theft auto, domestic assault, drug dealing, and an attempted break in.

Ladyringo , Dan Dennis Report

A couple years ago, there was a mentally ill man that lived a few houses down. We have s**t mental health care in my area, and he really should’ve been monitored 24/7. He used to stand outside and yell at passing cars. He’d call people n****** (he’s black), yell that whitey was gonna come for them, he’d yell about Jesus’s second coming, etc. He’d hang outside my house and would take cigarette butts from my ashtray (I used to smoke). When I caught on, I’d leave full cigarettes on my porch for him. He was very grateful, and wrote me a barely legible check for $30 written out to “Carrot”, as he called me, and a bag of candy. I didn’t cash it, of course.

I had to call the cops once because he chased some young kids that were walking by into the street, and it was a busy street. When the cops came, they stopped to talk to me and told me that there wasn’t much to do since the mental health facility closed. They told me that his son was supposed to be with him to watch him. A few months later he tried to burn down his house, but thankfully was unharmed. I don’t know what happened to him, I move shortly after. It was pretty sad, he obviously needed care, but wasn’t getting it.

booofedoof Report

I was around 5 and we had a husky at that time. Dad and I were home alone, and he went to a neighbour to borrow something. I stayed outside to play with our dog when a few minutes later our other neighbour comes with a broom in his hand, yelling at 5 year old me to keep the dog quiet (he barked every now and then, whoopty f**king doo) or he will kill it right there and then. That man scared me so much I cried and peed myself cause he was in my face shouting and spitting at me. A third neighbour (old grandma) saw this going on and rushed to get my dad to save me. Dad came, they pushed each other around a little, best part is when dad broke his broom and said if he ever talks to his kids again he will beat him up with that very broom lol. A**hole went home, grabbed a knife, but in the meantime the police was already there (old grandma called them because she thought he assaulted me, I loved that woman). He panicked, ran into his car and drove off. This only got him into even more trouble cause hey man, you’re in a car chase with the police! Ended up with him crashing into a tree and the knife he took got stuck in his leg, but nothing critical happened. I remember seeing him sometimes limping around his garden, but we moved soon after that because f**k crazy neighbours who don’t like dogs. Don’t know the aftermath with the police though, this was 15 years ago.

Oh, and by the way, he was a father of 6 year old twins who were never allowed to hang out with the rest of us hood kids in the streets. I sometimes talked to them over the fence and even gave them a few Pokemon cards because they were not allowed any. Sometimes I think of them and feel really bad, they were good kids.

Tl;dr: Neighbour wants to kill our dog with a broom, ends in a car chase with the police, trashes his car against a tree. What an a**hat.

BaudelairesFlower Report

When we moved in, he came over to tell us the house had previously burned down twice (news to us). Got the feeling he wanted to sort of brag about how he saved people from the fires. Then a few years later after leaving our garage door open we found our stored grill with all the unlit burners on and a bit of burnt paper sitting underneath.

He’s since disappeared (moved or dead, idk), but we lock up our propane now.

ComanderBubblz Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) A guy who just goes outside and stands in our shared woods (but closer to our property line than his own house) and snaps twigs for hours. Every. Day. Sometimes even at night in the pitch black.

hamisme , Pat Whelen Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) my upstairs neighbor is ALWAYS taking his trash out whenever I am. it may seem like an innoncent coincidence but the pinpoint accuracy of his timing IS TERRIFYING. I wonder if he thinks the same about me

notdomsorrynodomhere , Jeremy Bezanger Report

Never really knew them outside of being woken up by them at 6.30am every Sunday morning by the minibus that picked them up for church arriving. Everyone on it would sing hymns on the side of the road until the neighbours came out to get on the bus and drive away.

Then when they were evicted for not paying rent there was a cat in their freezer.

Cloudsurfing42 Report

Guy next door to me used to sit and drink beer outside with his Chihuahuas from sun up to sun down and eventually he would shoot at squirrels with a bb gun while the dogs barked the whole time. He’s dead now and it’s quiet.

reddit Report

When I was young, at Christmas and New years it was traditional for a few of the households down to road to meet at one house, then move on to other houses throughout the day and evening. Often the final house would be Jill and Ray’s by which time all the adults had had a few drinks. Jill loved entertaining, Ray wasn’t such a fan, so when he decided he’d had enough for the night, he’d get changed into his pyjamas then come back downstairs with his toothbrush, brush his teeth in the kitchen sink and then head back upstairs. We all knew there was a bathroom upstairs, this was his way of telling everyone to f**k off

highrouleur Report

My former neighbor’s son. He was a big time drug addict. He was constantly arguing with his elderly mother and there have been more than a few times that the cops have been called on him. There was one occasion when I was 16 and my friend was 13 and he was trying to lure us over to his house. Luckily we did not go.

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70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) My wife and I had a neighbor in the apartment complex we used to live in that we called Creepy Guy. He had some mental disorder, and would roam the complex all day doing his snooping. He once got caught by one of our neighbors cracking the front door open to peek in. When I would leave in the morning, he would come running out of his apartment to see who was leaving. Bottom floor was part way underground, so your windows would be at ground level. If you didn’t keep your blinds closed he would peek in your windows. Maintenance would catch him going into empty apartments that they would be working on.

Final straw was my wife goes to check the mail, the mailboxes are all together in a central location in the complex. He had followed her to and from the mailboxes wearing a thick leather jacket in 90 degree heat. My wife reported it and management finally decided to evict him. The rest of his time there he would walk around saying hostile things about apartment management.

reddit , Dan Stepinski Report

Middle aged guy who doesn’t work. Is up at 4 and in bed by 8 and expects everyone else living around him to be in bed too. A lot of young working professionals in a condo community, so in the summertime on a Friday Saturday, people are at the pool, bbq until 11PM. He would constantly lose his s**t demanding people around him cut it out at 8PM. One night he got so mad he slammed his bedroom window so hard it shattered.

reddit Report

Blasting music until 3AM.

I know it’s a party, but it’s the third one this week and I just want to sleep

Nlolsalot Report

My neighbor called 911 because a girl she hates gave her the middle finger.

Tabuhli Report

They brought in a mariachi band at 7 am for a party kept them until about 8 or 9pm. They had a f**king tuba, that’s all you could hear in the block. It was shaking all the damn windows. When we called the cops to get the band out some drunk tried to fight them. So two more drunks joined in when they see their buddy getting arrested.

When the whole thing was over and everyone from the party was gone and it was finally quiet enough to sleep it was around 2 am.

Woke up to find a bunch of their trash on our side of the wall. Had to take out cat to vet cause she cut her paws on the bottles they threw over and broke.

XMrCoolWhipX Report

When I lived in a apartment, this guy had this ex girlfriend who would catch a cab from the bars at 3am and bang on his door for what felt like hours. So one night I walked out there to finally tell her to shut the f**k up and she bolts into my apartment screaming “I’ve got to pee!!” I then knocked on his door when he answered he apologized and he paid her cab(who I forgot to mention wasn’t leaving until he got paid)then like a nice guy let her crash on his sofa. She stopped coming by after that.

datdude985 Report

A few years ago I lived in a bit of a tract home situation. In my cul-de-sac on trash day everyone would line their trash cans up on the curb where the trash truck with the mechanical arm could easily get to them. My crazy neighbor would get upset if everyone didn’t pull their trash cans in immediately after the truck came. Trash day was on a weekday so I couldn’t bring my cans in until after I got off work. Needless to say this totally pissed her off. It started with her just spinning the can around, or moving it in front of my garage. Eventually it escalates to her knocking it over or pushing it across the street into a small park. I’m at work lady what the hell can I do about it?

So eventually I had enough. I bought a tube of marine grease for my grease gun. For those who don’t know it’s intense stuff. It’s made to stand up to all conditions and difficult to get off your skin without a strong solvent like kerosene. So I lather up the handles and take the can out with a pair of gloves then head out for work. When I came home the can was moved a few feet and sure enough her stupid little hands had left a big imprint in the grease.

She never touched it again.

addennis Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) I used to live in a horrible apartment with paper-thin walls. The people next door were a woman who looked like she was in her 70s and what I thought was her 30-something grandson. They would yell at each other all day, constantly blast their TV, and the smell of their cigarette smoke would waft through into my apartment and make the place absolutely reek. The worst was at night when the two of them would have loud sex (which is how I figured out they weren’t related). Every night for an hour– creaking bed banging against my bedroom wall and the old woman moaning like a stuck pig. Nightmarish. I also think the guy kept track of my schedule and watched for me because whenever I came home or went out, even when I took out the garbage, he would be there outside his place, trying to chit chat with me while staring at my body and being completely gross. Lived there a year, but it felt like ten.

Thin_Host , Manny Becerra Report

Oh boy! Thought no one would ever ask. I live in a cleveland suburb. So it’s not very rural or country nor redneck. But these neighbors…. Most of the block is pretty much from the south. So everyone has bon fires. We held one one time. And it was decently big. Neighbors called the fire department. And demanded that they put it out. So firefighters came and put it out with one bucket of water. And then said sorry.

There’s another neighbor who whistles really loudly. And I have to say it is very very good! No one minds. It’s fun to have a guy down your street walking around whistling like in a cartoon. But some old cranky lady called in a noise complaint every day. And now there’s no more whistling….

That same neighbor would sit on his front porch watching football games on Sunday. And he would talk (yell) about the game to some other neighbor that lived about 10 houses down. You basically got the best commentary on games ever! Same old lady called in a noise complaint. And cops got so used to it that they just drove up saying hey what’s up [neighbors name]? How’s the game? Who’s winning. And then old cranky lady got even more pissed.

edorchukzeek96 Report

When I was a kid we had a neighbor who drank all the time. He would even drink and drive. One time he hit our house when pulling into his drive way and just left his car in the front yard against the house. He then told police that my dad drove the car into our house. The guy was arrested. A week later the police raided his house and he was sent to jail.

BackDimplez Report

Next door neighbor sent us a letter through the mail asking us to never park in front of their house after I parked there once. Kicker is a couple of years later they seem to have started some illegal home business with employees and every single day there are at least three cars parked in front of our house.

sheepinwolfsclothes Report

When I was little our neighbor robbed my dad at gunpoint. He was caught and went to prison. When he got out and moved back to his house down the road. I was terrified. My dad tried to reassure me but I had nightmares until he moved on a couple of years later.

kearlysue Report

Had a neighbor that called the cops on me multiple times because my sprinklers got the wheels wet on his van. His 20 year old s**tty Chevy Astro van with crappy American Racing rims. He insisted on parking it right on the edge of his driveway. I asked him to park on the other side of his driveway if it bothered him, but that was not an option he would consider.

I spent a couple weekends meticulously testing and adjusting the sprinklers so they would not go onto any of his concrete. (His concrete went all the way to the property line).

I was always as gracious and polite as I could be. My wife and I even delivered a gift basket to them as a peace offering.

A few weeks later the cops showed up, again, because it was windy and the WIND had carried some water onto his rims.

I later learned they didn’t even own the house. The landlord must have had issues with them, as well, because they eventually refused to renew the lease with the tenant, despite them living there for a long time. I wish I had known, earlier, and I would not have bent over backwards like I did.

galactica_pegasus Report

Vietnam war vet with a nephew that has serious mental problems. It used to be a lot worse before they started giving the nephew sedatives. He was constantly yelling about the neighbors he barely even knew calling them every name in the book. He really liked yelling about how much of a w**re my mother was even though she has been married to my father for over 25 years. The war vet still constantly yells about random things but i think he has pretty severe PTSD. He also gets up in the morning and revs his car for like an hour or two all the time.

I feel pretty bad for them to be honest.

IHateEveryone12211 Report

Had one that would basically steal our mail and other stuff from our porch and yard. Caught her once to confront her and she started yelling at me to stop attacking her and tried to say I was stealing her stuff. Ended up with the police getting called and us filing a restraining order against her.

kamekukushi Report

My roomies are a mixed bag of weirdos. One likes to suck his toes at night. I know this because I asked him what the noise was, and he responded with “I’m sucking my toes.” I didn’t ask why. Another plays his music at all times during the day. Without headphones. He has taped his phone to his chest before just because he didn’t have pockets. The last one mouth breathes and jerks off in the bathroom. The second part wouldn’t really be an issue if he cleaned his jizz up.

LifeguardP**is Report

We have had several sets of crazy neighbors but my favorite were J & Y, an old Cuban couple who got drunk and fought loudly every night.

One time we were late on our water bill, and in the U.S. the water company can cut off your water if you don’t pay. The truck came and the guy gets out and opens the door in the sidewalk, shuts off our water and drives away. Immediately J explodes from his house with the largest wrench I have ever seen in my life, (bigger than a small child) screaming curses in Spanish at the retreating water company truck, runs to in front of our house, throws off the door in the sidewalk and turns our water back on. Then walks back to his house, still muttering, and walks in, slamming the door behind him.

rbkc1234 Report

70 People Share How Their Horrible Neighbors Made Their Lives More Difficult (New Stories) My neighbour came into my back yard when she thought we (university students) had gone home for the summer. I still lived in the house. In fact, I was sitting by the window when she entered or back yard. I thought nothing of it – I chalked it up to her looking for her cat.

I went back to reading my book and completely forgot about her until I saw movement out of the corner of my eye some while later. She was walking out if my backyard with all our plants.

She stole our garden. I was so astounded that I just sat there and stared at her. I never even tried to stop her.

VandWW , Ny Menghor Report

He put his Christmas decorations up at 11 pm on Halloween.

reddit Report

Had a neighbor who was always drunk. He shot and killed his dad, while drunk of course. One of only 2 murders in my small hometown in Nebraska.

mcgray04 Report

He was a great guy but he had the most terrible, loud, earth shattering laugh. Whenever he had a party in his backyard it was terrible to hear.

NormalDudes Report

The guy in my old building who decided my parking space was his garage. His space was so full of s**t that his s**tting minivan always had to park right on the space line. Soon junk started to appear between my car and the wall. One day he started storing gross mattresses on the wall so I chucked them outside. A few days later they were back, moldy, and bloated.

The guy was the only person in the building with kids so he wanted special privileges. He would do stuff like keep his second car in the guest space or our space that is supposed to be used to wash our cars. So glad I’m done with this building.

ooo-ooo-oooyea Report

Her dog bit me, and when we reported it to police we found out she was friends with a lot of the local cops, and that they had given her a heads-up. She knocked on our door and threatened us if we said anything that would get her dog taken away, before the policeman showed up to to talk with us. We avoided her after that and did not answer the door for her.

indecisive_maybe Report

My neighbor is very weird. He never waves and has a permanent sneer on his face. When we moved in we were warned hes a registered sex offender and to call the cops if we see him with kids. One day, he calls up out of the blue. Ive never spoken to him before but he proceeds to launch into his explaination of the sex offender record. Basically, he claims that he hurt some kid in a locker room while they both happened to be naked. He says it was plain old vanilla assault where both parties happened to be nude. Then he hung up.

Thats not the weird part its just to give you an idea of what hes like.

One day he starts building a sign in front of his house. Not like a little poster. Its professionally printed on metal and mounted on two huge posts set with concrete. The sign is a picture of a puppy and a long rambling story about how he let his puppy play in the street and it got hit by a car 10 years ago, but its written in a way where he seems to accuse the neighborhood of murdering his dog. Next to this sign, covering his entire fence, is an enormous banner reading “We Miss You!” (i dont know who ‘We’ is. He lives alone) and an even larger picture of the puppy which isn’t necessary because directly in front of the banner, sitting on a folding card table, is the actual puppy. He had it stuffed and set it out on display and left it there for days and hid behind the fence waiting for someone to mess with it but nobody did. The puppy and the banner disappeared but the metal sign was permanent. It stayed up for years until a bad storm ripped it down.

I always wondered what he does with the dog. Does it stay in a closet or does he keep it out in his house? i got my answer. I have a friend who does contruction and one day he was hired by weirdo neighbor to build a shed.Without my even asking he tells me the guy keeps a stuffed dog in the living room like a piece if furniture and that he talks to it.

FartHog69 Report

As kids, we had a neighbor that we called Mr. Paul. Mr. Paul seemed like a generic older man… he was Southern, had a garden, and actually helped build most of the houses in our neighborhood. The first week that we moved in, he brought over fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from his garden! So sweet!

Mr. Paul was also… eccentric. In the summer he would sit in a lawn chair on his front porch to sun him self. By the end of the summer, his flabby skin and beer gut would be a leathery golden brown. He also once got in a fist fight with his son, who pummeled him mercilessly until we got involved.

But Mr. Paul would also shoot squirrels on his property… they ate the bird seed he put out for birdwatching. He would shoot them and apparently other animals, and we learned later that he was a pretty good shot. While he was our neighbor, three of our cats got mysterious gunshot wounds, all three had direct shots to the chest. Two cats miraculously survived – one had the bullet lodged in her sternum, and the other’s bullet came to rest in his arm fat. But the third cat, Ava, I found clinging to life next to our house. She was shot in the chest, and it turns out the bullet ripped through her body, destroying everything in its path. At 7yrs old I watched as they put her down, and held her body as it stiffened on the way home from the vet. He died several years later… I hated him, and I definitely don’t miss him.

GreekEagle Report

One summer during college, I lived in an apartment with three other girls. One of them had a vacuum cleaner that we used every week but it broke halfway through the summer and we never bothered to replace it. We often left our front door unlocked if at least one of us was home because the laundry was down the hall.

Anyway, one day, one of the douchebag neighbors from across the hall just walked right in to our living and said to me, “hey, can I borrow your vacuum?” I told him that it wasn’t mine to lend, and even if it was, it wasn’t working at the moment. He kept pushing, saying he couldn’t imagine my roommate minding (she was in her room at the time) and asking. He finally started yelling and calling me a ‘f**king b**ch’ – all over a vacuum. Finally, my roommate came out of her room and screamed at him, ‘she said no, you psychopath, and it’s broken anyway so get the f**k out of our house!’ He did finally leave, but not before cussing us both out some more. We always kept our door locked after that, but I still had to see him on the bus downtown every day for the next three weeks. He scared the s**t out of me.

SuperquooL Report

I have had my share of really crazy neighbors, but the winners would have to be the “couple” who lived above me in a railroad tenement building in New York. They were a middle aged son and mother who lived together like they were husband and wife, and had every single centimeter of their walls (in a very narrow apartment) covered in paintings they found discarded and then carefully framed. Their apartment felt like a gallery from Alice’s Wonderland, but not in a “this is cool” kind of way, more like a “I’ve got to get out of here and will eat or drink whatever you give me to make it happen” kind of way. However, other than being extremely nosy and gossipy, they were very nice neighbors. They even helped me, a very poor student at the time, furnish my apartment with all sorts of fascinating “found” pieces of furniture, including a pair of gorgeous but bizarre carved mahogany lounge chairs that were upholstered in striped orange silk.

zazzlekdazzle Report

I think “a” neighbor is ripping/cutting our wires that connect to our home electricity.

YT_Hazard-Trash Report

When I was about 10 this family moved into my old neighbourhood. They were strange right from the start. Nobody ever saw their faces except for brief glances in passing. And if the kids were outside and you happened to pass by they’d run back in and lock the doors. There was never any sign of life coming from the house aside from the occasional flick of a curtain. My friends and I tried trick or treating there and they opened their letterbox (they’re on the doors here) to stare out at us. They didn’t go to any of the local schools and you never saw them get any deliveries or go to get groceries. Sometimes I question exactly what the f**k was going on there despite moving out of the neighbourhood just before I turned 12

decearing-eggz Report

When my sister and I were about 5 and 6, we lived in a small town community (about 600 people) and we would frequently play outside without parental supervision. Our neighbor would, unbeknownst to our mother, take us to the local Ice cream shop for ice cream. One day we moved without explaination. Years later it was told to us that that neighbor was a registered sex offender and pedophile and mom moved for our safety. She freaked out when she learned about our trips to the ice cream shop. To my knowledge neither me or my sister were ever assaulted, but it is still very scary to think about.

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