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After 13 Years, Jamie Spears Lost Conservatorship Over His Daughter Britney

Being able to control your life is a freedom that we all take for granted. Being able to buy groceries without anyone watching you, being able to spend your money as you wish or spontaneously meeting your friends are the decisions that we wouldn’t think could be taken away from us.

That is why Britney Spears’s fans were so mad that she is not allowed to do all those things for herself. She went through several mental breakdowns and at first, for many, it seemed that maybe a temporary conservatorship would be beneficial to her. But from the moment the conservatorship went into effect, the Free Britney movement started as some thought that something there smelled fishy.

And when it lasted for over a decade, fans started to suspect that the pop star was just being used and the Free Britney movement took off, especially in 2019, when she was not allowed to contact her paralegal team. But finally, with Britney’s and her fans’ effort, on Wednesday, September 29, she was finally freed of her conservator who was her father, Jamie Spears.

Britney Spears wanted out from her father’s conservatorship for years and finally the day has come that she has liberated herself from him

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Britney Spears was under the conservatorship of her father for 13 years after she had several public meltdowns and people were really concerned for her. The conservatorship was to make sure she was safe, healthy and her financial state was stable.

However, after seeing how hard she was working, performing long hours in concerts, it seemed that the conservatorship wasn’t needed anymore. But no one was talking about removing it or even making it less restrictive.

Britney’s life was controlled by her father for 13 years and her fans were always concerned over whether that was a good way of dealing with the pop star’s meltdowns in 2007

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Slowly but surely, more and more fans started to feel concern for the singer. There were several signs to make them feel that way: in 2019, attorney Andrew Wallet stepped down as the co-conservator, there were rumors that Britney was locked in a mental facility, which a conservator can’t do, there were also rumors that she was being spied on, as well as her whole Instagram appearing very awkward, with people seeing messages of cries for help.

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Bored Panda covered Britney’s journey of battling the conservatorship and if you are not caught up, these are some of the articles that may help you better understand the situation: in this one, you can read about the first time when Britney asked her father to be removed as conservator. If you click here, it will take you to an article in which we present some of the messages online by other celebrities in support of Britney’s efforts. And this one is the most recent one in which we get the news that Britney’s attorney officially filed the papers to get the matter going.

More and more people joined the #FreeBritney movement to help Britney get out of the controlling hands of her father

Image credits: britneyspears

Image credits: britneyspears

And this week, we finally reached the moment all of Britney’s fans were waiting for: the pop star is no longer controlled by her father. The court’s decision went into effect immediately and surprisingly, earlier in September, Jamie Spears filed to end his daughter’s conservatorship all together.

But Britney’s attorney thought it would be wiser to discuss the end of the conservatorship in another court hearing, so now Britney will have a temporary new conservator that the singer chose herself, John Zabel, a certified public accountant. The hearing for terminating the conservatorship completely will be held on November 12.

The court decided that Britney’s new temporary conservator will be the accountant John Zabel

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And a hearing about terminating Britney’s conservatorship altogether will be held on November 12

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So what has changed now that her father is not her conservator anymore? Well, he will no longer control Britney’s finances and estate. And her money will be overseen by a professional accountant. Jamie Spears will have to provide financial records and it is expected that there will be revelations proving he was using his daughter for money. He will also have to face questions about all the allegations of abuse and overstepping his rights as conservator.

The pop star is also one step closer to being completely free, having all of her money and property in her hands, being able to access medical care independently and just buying a bar of chocolate without anyone questioning her actions. She is already enjoying her freedom and spending time with her fiance in a tropical paradise.

People on the internet were thrilled to hear the news and wish all the best in Britney’s new chapter in life as a truly independent woman

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