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Flight Attendant Lists 10 Things Airplane Passengers Should Avoid Doing At All Costs

As people around the world resume traveling, many of them assume that airplanes undergo rigorous cleanings before each trip. However, according to a TikTok user who identifies himself as a flight attendant, that may not be the case.

Passengers should remain cautious and refrain from touching the surfaces to avoid encountering any germs that could’ve been left behind.

Recently, Tommy Cimato shared the behaviors he considers unnecessarily risky with his 126K TikTok followers, but since it’s such an important topic, they spread to a much wider audience: the two videos were viewed roughly 4.3 million times.

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Flight attendant Tommy Cimato reminded his followers to stay safe in the air

Image credits: tommycimato

And released a few TikToks, listing behaviors that he deems unnecessarily risky

One of his videos went extremely viral and has generated over 4 million views

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Image credits: tommycimato

Soon, other frequent fliers chipped in and shared more traveling tips