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Maid Of Honor Gets Demoted To A Bridesmaid Because She Won’t Go On A Diet, Decides To Take Revenge By Publicly Exposing The Horrible Bride

Lia, 27, who is known as @liainlouisiana on TikTok, shared a video of herself eating Chick-fil-A in front of a screenshot of a chat with the bride. In a series of videos, the TikToker exposed cruel messages she received from the bride who invited her to be a bridesmaid, but wanted to control everything, from the shoes Lia will wear to the size she is.

Turns out, Lia was told to go on a diet and even got demoted from being the maid of honor because she was told she was fat. Then tension seemed to escalate, with each video Lia shared on her channel showing what craziness she’s been going through until the wedding drama reached a boiling point.

“I’ve cried all afternoon. I’m uninvited,” Lia revealed in the following video. Scroll down to hear the full story and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image credits: liainlouisiana

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The bride also tried to control what shoes Lia would be wearing on the day, demanding her to be “decent”

Image credits: liainlouisiana

@liainlouisianaPart 2. It’s the “whore shoes” for me #greenscreen #fyp #bodypositivity #weddingtok #hispanictiktok #millennialsoftiktok♬ good soup – MARVEL FANS

In part 3 of her video, Lia announced that she’s been crying all afternoon as she was uninvited from the wedding

Image credits: liainlouisiana

This is what she told her viewers in a heartfelt video, explaining how this whole wedding drama made her feel

Image credits: liainlouisiana

@liainlouisianaI’m really upset about this our trauma bond runs deep #fyp #weddingtok #hispanictiktok #millennialsoftiktok #ChimeHasYourBack #CandyCrushAllStars♬ original sound – Lia

Controlling Bridezillas are nothing new. In fact, we previously wrote about some of the craziest bridezillas that wedding planners, family members, and guests have endured. Often they shock people with irrational demands and very harsh comments towards their bridesmaids.

Previously, the wedding planner Rhiann Janak Gouabeche, the CEO of Lucy Till French Wedding planners, told us that “A bridezilla is someone who loses her cool when it comes to wedding planning, usually snapping at friends, family, and suppliers when these people are only trying to help.” However, a bridezilla should not be confused with a demanding bride since “it’s a most important day, and it’s entirely NORMAL to have particular and important desires.”

Rhiann continued that “a bridezilla, though, is a DIFFICULT bride because of the way she expresses those desires and treats those involved in the wedding plans with hostility, belittlement, or lack of appreciation.”

And it’s not the first time that a bride has requested that her bridesmaids lose weight for their wedding. Here at Bored Panda, we wrote about a bridezilla who similarly demanded her bridesmaid drop from size 12 to 8 and got her toxicity exposed online. Another story was about a bride who assigned wedding attire to people by weight categories. As you can imagine, the backlash was tremendous.

But many people showed their support for Lia and this is what they commented