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188 Cake Fails That Prove Confectionery Is Not For Everyone

You’ve probably heard about his majesty, the king and the queen of all the delicious cakes smothered with whipped cream, the hedgehog cake. Started as a sincere baking fail by someone who thought that making such a dessert would be a walk in the park, it quickly turned into an internet craze with people deliberately making the worst hedgehog cakes out there. Take a look at some wonderfully awful examples in our previous entry right here.

But a hedgehog cake is far from the only way a cake can turn from good to decent, and then drop to a monstrosity. In fact, confectionery is the perfect environment for some of the funniest, craziest and unexpected fails worthy of a place in the camera roll hall of fame.

So today, we compiled a list with some of the most stomach-churning cakes that show you to be careful what you wish for and do not underestimate a carrot cake that your local bakery is nailing effortlessly. It doesn’t mean you will nail it too.

Scroll down, upvote your favorite pics and be sure to check out our previous posts with cakes with threatening auras, cakes made by decorators who took instructions too literally, and expectations vs. reality-type of cakes.

A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use

When my friend went to pick it up, this is what was waiting for her. English is the clerks second language. You can fill in the blanks here.

just_leave_it Report

I Just Couldn’t Wait To Share This

Made this little guy out of a cupcake, buttercream, pretzels, marshmallows, jellybeans, and candy eyes. His expression makes me feel like he’s going to hunt me down for creating him. I can’t wait to see everyone’s bursting creations!

annaandraven2017 Report

My GF's Little Brother Wanted An Army Cake For His Birthday

Mom orders one over the phone. When they go to pick it up, this is what they arrive to. I think there was a slight miscommunication.

Flying_Camel_v1 Report

Nailed It

This is what happens when I think I have not just dropper food coloring sets but a full on 12 piece Wilton professional set of food coloring… only when I went to try to find it, it’s nowhere to be seen. The other three packages of food coloring (one all-the-chemical-way and two crunchy granola colored-by-carrots types) are now an X file. BUT….

I do have 27 bottles of various sprinkles, and this is the result. The kids even helped. My now 6 year old Birthday Boy told me it’s the best cake he’s ever had, and that his birthday was the awesomest yet.

pineconesandpeas Report

A Cereal Bowl Cake

I decided to try it for myself using (mostly) off-the-shelf baking and decorating supplies. End result is cute, quirky, and a bit flawed because I winged it on a few steps.

jennlikestomakethings Report

Easter Bunny Bundt Cake

Clearly someone is missing their ears and this is definitely the messiest bundt cake I’ve ever made but it was still so nice to spend Easter with my mixer, dogs and priest in HD.

katesgotbakes Report

Here It Is Folks. The Pièce De Résistance

I attempted yet again to make a lego man cake for Carlisle as requested by him and as you can see, it turned out amazing! The cake got stuck in the silicone mould thing and when I was trying to get it out I kinda lost handle of everything and it flung off the cooling rack thing and smooshed onto the bench… believe it or not, what you see before you is actually 4 separate/smashed pieces and I ate the rest I couldn’t put back together lol!
So I made it a zombie instead which they both thought was hilarious 😂
And @colessupermarkets gluten free vanilla cake mix for the win 👌 tasted.

infitnessandinhealthpt Report