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40 Employees Share What Happened When They Requested Some Time Off From Their Jobs

There’s nothing like a good, long holiday to get away from work, recharge your batteries, and give you a fresh perspective on what life is all about. There can be no quality work without quality rest, nearly everyone knows that. However, even though it seems completely natural to take some time off so you’re fresh and brimming with energy again, far from every employer is happy with that and, in the end, many employees feel guilty about asking to go on holiday.

That’s exactly the issue that Twitter user Lordsprout tackled in a viral online post. She said that the idea of “requesting” time off is “insane” and that we should be talking about “notifying” our employers when we won’t be at work. “They don’t own you; you simply sell them your time. You notify them as a courtesy so they can staff accordingly. They can’t dictate your life,” she said.

In response, some employees shared exactly what happened to them when they asked for some time off. You know, something that’s entirely normal. However, what they shared might just make your jaw drop with how unfair things seem.

Image credits: lordsprout