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73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It I wasn’t informed about the evidently very strict building security prior to the interview. The front door was practically unmarked, and you had to swipe a card to get in, but there was no intercom. The elevator required a card as well, but the stairs didn’t. HOWEVER, no one informed me that the stairwells are locked from the outside, meaning I was locked in the stairwell with no way to get out.

I called the recruiter over and over, and even called the front desk, but they just kept putting me on hold instead of sending someone to let me in at the correct floor. I ended up getting a call from the recruiter while STILL STUCK IN THE STAIRWELL telling me they would not be going forward with the interview because I was late.

I almost screamed, and asked her as calmly as I could manage if she had gotten any of the messages I left for her letting her know I was presently stuck in the stairwell with no way to get out. She said she hadn’t, and said it was too late anyway because they had gone with another candidate. She almost hung up before I could yell (probably too loudly), “THEN CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COME FREE ME FROM THE STAIRWELL SO I CAN LEAVE??”

They sent security to get me, and I was treated like a criminal as I was led from the building. I have never been so confused, humiliated, and angry in my entire life. I left them a scathing review on Glassdoor.

SnowMiser26 , Brock Wegner Report

Kierra told Bored Panda about the top qualities that she recommends people have. These will give you an advantage when applying for a new position and during job interviews. “Showing a willingness to learn new tools, technologies, and procedures and showing an interest in the company and the interviewer,” she said.

“This means one should have a few questions to ask after every interview,” Kierra noted, giving us an example: “Asking which projects should someone in the role expect to work on and what the interviewer likes about working for the company.”

I was interested to get Kierra’s take on how to build confidence. “The best way to build confidence is through practice,” she told Bored Panda. “If you’re familiar with a skill set that a company is hiring for, you’ll have fewer jitters. This means working on meaningful projects that are similar to the tasks one would expect to perform in a role.”

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Applied for a teaching job, my current at the time job was at a school for people with disabilities, this new school was a school for children gifted in a particular field. I was headhunted when one of my students from my current school was accepted to the new school.

The woman interviewing asked why I wanted to work there, so I explained the above (including student with disability), she goes, with the most disgusted look on her face “we don’t have students like that here”.

Should point out that I’m also disabled. Was not going to work out obviously!

Nixie9 , Pixabay Report

For instance, Kierra suggested that if you were applying for a data analyst role in the sports industry, you could create some sample analytics dashboards that cover one of your fave sports teams. “This way you’ll have relevant experience for the job role and also have a fun project to talk about during the interview!” she urged people to go the extra mile if you’re serious about the job.

“Also, you do not need to know every single item that a company lists on a job description. I say if you know 70%, apply, and if you’re selected to interview… go and study the fundamentals of the items that you don’t know from the job description and understand how they would be used for the job role,” Kierra pointed out that we shouldn’t be scared if we don’t perfectly fit a job description with our current skill set.

“This way, if you’re asked about the items, you can show that even though you don’t have working knowledge, you still understand the importance of it. No one knows everything before they join a company so showing initiative to learn something new before the job interview goes a long way!”

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Sat down with the owner and the first thing he said was, I don’t hire people with beards. I said okay, got up and walked out.

lookssharp , Edmond Dantès Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It “You get what you put into it. You wouldn’t want to limit yourself to -just- a 9-5 would you?”

Yes. Yes I would. 40 hr workweek max, thanks. I want to do my job and get paid for my job. F-Off.

Zulias , Edmond Dantès Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Many years ago (in the early 1960s) I had just concluded meeting with an HR staff member then overheard him say to the others that ‘we just got our ‘token minority employee’. I decided not to be anybody’s ‘token’ employee so got up and left.

Kaiulani46 , Monstera Report

Redditor JimmySaulGene’s thread, which is meant for “serious replies only,” got over 15k upvotes and more than 7.2k comments. From the number of comments people left, it was obvious that bad interviews and shady companies aren’t as rare as we’d like.

If there’s one thing that you should take away from this thread is that it’s all right to put an end to a job interview if you feel that the interviewer has crossed all of your boundaries. Whether in terms of their behavior, inappropriate questions, or the bizarre practices their companies have internalized.

The moment that it’s clear they don’t give a flying flip about their employees is the moment you should get up, thank them for their time, and leave the interview. There are actually worthwhile companies out there waiting for your applications. And you deserve the best. Especially if your gut is telling you that something’s off.

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Interviewer wouldn’t give me any hint as to what my salary would be even after asking twice.

So I got up, told her the interview from my side was over and left her sitting in the conference room.

PerjorativeWokeness , Christina Morillo Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It 2008-Applied for mechanic position. Told I was too pretty so I could answer the phones and other tasks required wink wink

2017-Applied for a manager position. Told I’d have to dye my hair dark coloured as everyone knows blondes are stupid and no one would take me seriously.

2021- manager position. I was friends with the previous person(m) leaving. I knew their salary-60k The salary band open was 50-60k. I was offered 38k as they don’t think a woman could be firm enough and do the job properly and they would need the salary to hire an assistant to help me. (17min interview).

Snofall-Bird , Sora Shimazaki Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It They told me I wasn’t pretty enough by their standards to work for them.

I was so shocked I didn’t even say anything, just got up and walked out.

Kokechii , Alexander Suhorucov Report

If you want to do well during a job interview, the main things to keep in mind are staying confident, boasting about your achievements, and showing your absolute best sides. Nobody’s saying that you should be arrogant, but if there’s a time for confidence instead of timidity and humility, it’s at a job interview. First impressions mean a lot.

Jermaine Murray, a career coach from JupiterHR, explained to Bored Panda that the single biggest mistake that job applicants make is not highlighting their accomplishments enough. According to him, people “humble themselves when they need to be boasting” which isn’t what you should be doing if you want to make a great impression.

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It At the end of the interview I asked “How many staff have worked here over a year?”. The 3 interviewers awkwardly looked at each other and confessed they’re all new and basically the office is rotating chairs because of toxic micromanagement. Yeah, why would I want to work there? Also, they said they wanted to offer me the job because I was the only male applicant and they don’t have any men working in their department of 30 people. Two red flags, I’m out.

KanataCitizen , Amtec Photos Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It It was for a management position, running a mail room. Something I’d done twice before. All the standard questions were asked. I felt like it was going well.

Then he suddenly says to me, “I’m hearing a lot of “I” from you. I’m concerned, because we are about the team, and not the individual, here.”

The hell? It’s a job interview and you’re concerned that I am answering questions you have asked specifically about me, with answers that address your questions about me. That’s utterly nonsensical.

I don’t even remember how I responded, but I knew I didn’t want to deal with his stupid semantic word and mind games, which I was sure I’d only seen the surface of, so I steered us right into concluding the interview, and I left. I also made a subtle show of taking back the copies of my resume that I’d brought with me.

ArmyOfDog , Ron Lach Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Pyramid scheme advertised as “sales and marketing”.

It was a group interview. They served wine for f**ks sake! They had obvious stooges initiating conversation about how great this opportunity was.

I got very drunk and stopped being polite about it.

wonderbrawl , Helena Lopes Report

“If you understand why the work that you were doing was important and how it impacts your org (project) then you should be explaining that to the interviewer without holding back. How did you go above and beyond to make sure things worked? What creative ways did you come up with?” Jermaine said that we should be showing off during interviews.

Both your body language and your tone of voice are important when it comes to projecting your confidence and just how capable you really are. “If your body language or tone says otherwise, you destroy the perception of your skills. Once that’s gone so are your chances of landing the job.”

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Showed up and the manager practically bragged about how the job offered no breaks for an 8-10 hour shift, and if there was a food break it would be 5 mins max at a hip-height table with no chairs. She said that you’d be fired if you sat down even for 30 seconds.

Im more than capable of doing that. I did that every day at my last job. But when you brag about how your employees are so over-worked that they don’t get breaks or an option to rest their legs, it tells me all I need to know about how little you value your employees.

I should also note that this job wasn’t paying exceptionally well. Above minimum wage, but not at a level that was even enough to live on.

Balrog229 , SHVETS production Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Interviewer: What would you do if an employee of 15 years asked for a raise?

Me: I’d remind him that he already gets a yearly raise…

Interviewer: I don’t give out raises.

mtg-Moonkeeper , Tima Miroshnichenko Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It “We are a conservative company with strong Christian values. We have mandatory prayer sessions before work and ask employees to dedicate a few hours out of their week to do (something for their church). We also require all of our employees to be clean shaven with hair above the collar and no piercings………where are you going?”

“This is definitely NOT the type of place I want to work for. You’ve had me in here for fifteen minutes and haven’t asked me anything about my job position, my expectations, or even offered to look at my portfolio. I’m mighty proud of my appearance and will not change it for you. At this point I don’t care how much you would be willing to give me to work for you, but no amount of money would get me to step foot in here as an employee or customer. If I wanted to go to church, I’ll go on sundays. Plus, this is an imprint company, if you want to act like a church, then open one.”

DrTokinkoff , Tima Miroshnichenko Report

Jermaine pointed out that who you are as a person is far more important for interviewers than your exact skillset. “You can teach someone to be a better coder but it’s near impossible to teach them how to be a better person. Recruiters will always value personality first, but technical skills are a very close second. Hiring managers keep that in mind and try to make sure candidates they like can perform competently.”

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It They wanted someone to manage sales, ordering and scheduling for a print shop. I could do all those things.

They made me an offer: 25 cents over minimum wage.

I yelled “I put on nice clothes for THIS??” as I walked out.

Powerful-Knee3150 , Edmond Dantès Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It The woman (who would’ve been my boss) interviewing me asked some un-okay questions

“Are you sexually active?”

“What are your views on dating a coworker?”

“What are some of your fantasies?”

I assumed that, if I rejected her, I’d never get the job and even if I did, everyday would be uncomfortable as hell to work around her, so I walked. Now, I work at a place doing the same thing with more pay and a boss that doesn’t sexualize me.

TechnicalDouble6712 , Alex Green Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It The interviewer was “clarifying some details” and asked me if it was Miss or Mrs. I gave him a pass and said “Ms”

But he doubled down and said “yes, but are you married or not?”

So I told him it didn’t have any bearing on my capacity to do the job, but that I was going to stop the interview there as I didn’t want to work for someone who thought it did. And then I left.

darth_ott3rs , cottonbro Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It An interviewer asked me why I left my last job. I told her I was being micromanaged and had come to hate my boss. She asked me who it was and when I told her, she said that person was her fiancé. I just stood up and walked out without a saying a word, bullet dodged!

themarkballarf , Sarah Chai Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It I should have; I stayed there out of morbid curiosity to see how low they would go, but I had made the decision I wasn’t gonna work there early in the process.

I’m glad I stayed. The last thing that happened in the interview was the CEO personally asking us all to promise that, if we ever make a mistake, the company will calculate how much that mistake cost us, and we will voluntarily pay the company that amount.

Oudeis16 , Anna Shvets Report

The manager said “I care about you, because you seem like a nice guy. This might be a pyramid scheme. I implore you to seek better options.” I waved, thanked him for the advice and off I went. That business is gone, and it was only a month ago.

Iodat Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Told the hiring manager I would like to give more than just 2 weeks at my current job as a courtesy. He raised his voice and said “everyone is replaceable and they’ll find that out”

Yea that seems like a good mentality for your boss to have. Later tater

cheesingMyB , Yan Krukov Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Third and final interview (all same day) at a tech company. First two went well and I was told this last one just was a formality – they wanted me to join.

Interview with the head of the office guy seemed to start well. We walked to the cafeteria, grabbed a couple coffees, and with some small talk we learned we knew some of the same people. We get back to his office and sit down. He looks at my file, “It says here you’re looking for [certain salary].” I said yes, and explained it’s really close to market for someone with my skills and experience. He looks at me and says, “I don’t think you’re worth it.” I said “Excuse me?” He repeated it. I laughed, grabbed my bag, stood up, thanked him for his time and walked out.

The company went out of business like a year later, so I feel I dodged a bullet there.

weirdkid71 , cottonbro Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Applied for a software developer position for an online retailer. First round of interviews was a traditional technical skills and whiteboard coding session, second round was a cultural fit interview with HR.

I assumed it would be an one on one interview with HR, it was a room with 20 something people applying for anything from legal to finance.

They asked us to stand up, then crawl into a ball and pretend we were flowers opening.

At this point I honestly thought it was some kind of prank, then I saw everybody around me doing it.

I just said thanks for the opportunity and left.

neolabaque , fauxels Report

I once showed up for a job interview in a suit and tie after answering a newspaper ad for a “warehouse worker”.

Instead of a job interview at the warehouse, they had me get into some truck with one of the employees who drove me a few hours away, pulled over in some random neighborhood, and explained to me that the job was going door-to-door trying to sell cuts of meat to people, unsolicited.

I told him this was not the “warehouse worker” job that they had advertised and if he didn’t bring me back home immediately, I was going to call the police and report a kidnapping. I was brought back to my car, but I was not paid for the several hours of my wasted time.

F**k you, Pacific Prime of Cromwell, Connecticut.

ThumpyDumpkins Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It I applied for a register position at Pizza Hut. I specifically told them during my 2 interviews that I cannot be a delivery driver due to my car being unreliable, they even acknowledged that and told me okay. Got the job, came in for training on the first day, the very first thing they do is sit me down in a chair and started up a training video on delivery driving. I asked them if I could skip it since I’m only working the register/in the kitchen, and the manager tells me that every position is a delivery driver. Walked out right then and there and got paid for 1 hour of training.

Turnbob73 , foursquare Report

I was in the waiting room of a big office suite and a man came out and introduced himself to a few of us sitting there. He asked us our names and talked about the position right there. Then he asked us each questions about ourselves, what leadership means to each of us. Then the guy at the cellphone repair shop at the other end of the waiting room called my name, letting me know that my phone was ready and I grabbed it and left because I wasn’t applying for this job, there just wasn’t a good time to mention that.

elbowskneesand Report

Job was advertised as a senior level unix admin position.. the same job I’m doing now for ~20 years.

Showed up and was told in fact the job would start as an entry level help desk job, with entry level pay and that I could “earn” my way up to being a sysadmin amd work my way up the pay scale.

I got up and explained that I’d already “earned” my way up to being a sysadmin and wished them a good day and walked out.

They came out into the parking lot and asked why I was leaving. I explained that their job description was deceptive.

mysticalfruit Report

First question I was asked in the interview was if I had a boyfriend. Interviewer was a man in probably his forties and I was in my early 20s. I immediately responded that that was an inappropriate question and said that I probably wouldn’t be a good fit and walked out.

Upbeat_Plate_5125 Report

The interviewer said God comes first, then family, then the job. Then he started asking me a bunch of questions about my religious beliefs. (I’m an atheist)

No-Caramel-4417 Report

He asked what my degree was and I said education. He asked why I took such a useless major. (My mother was a teacher and I have two sisters who are teachers) I asked if he realized how much of manufacturing supervision involved training. Safety. Quality. Machine operation. Policies and procedures. Work instructions. Adult education. Etc… He asked what an education degree had to do with that and I shook my head, stood up, thanked him for his time and walked out.

elciddog84 Report

A jumped up security guard made me walk away before I even got in the building for an interview. I followed the instructions I was sent by the hiring manager which was to park in the designated guest spaces. Security guard came charging out of the building yelling at me when I was barely out of the car about how I couldn’t park there, then when I raised my voice just to try and get him to listen he started yelling at me for yelling at him.

Eventually when I got to tell him that I was told to park there, he called the hiring manager and started yelling at them about how I’d been yelling at him. Part way through that phone call I thought “nah f**k this”, got back in the car and drove off.

The hiring manager called me to apologise and asked if I’d come back. I politely declined saying I wanted nothing to do with that security guard again.

FumbleMyEndzone Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It I once went to a job interview for a large welding shop, in the middle of a rain storm. After talking to the interviewer for 30 or so minutes, he walked me out to the shop floor to take a welding test. The machine we went to was in decent condition, but was literally sitting in a puddle of water. The welding table’s legs were rusty and not grounded well, and also in said puddle. Over half the shop was flooded. I turned around and said “No thank you.” Then proceeded to walk out the door. My life is worth more than $20 an hour.

Alpha_Hellhound , Pixabay Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It I was approached at work (bagger for a major grocery store chain when I was 16) by a guy who asked me if I would be interested in making $1100 a week. He told me to meet him at one of the empty businesses in the same plaza after work.

He went on this long spiel about the melaleuka tree from Australia and how his company made soaps and shampoo out of it. Then he told me for $500 he would train me how to sell the products. I just turned and walked out the door with him yelling behind me that I would never amount to anything with my attitude.

DeusEx-Machinist , Charles Deluvio Report

Years ago, I went to an interview, and sat down with the man who was to interview me. Sat in silence while he read something on his computer for a few minutes, then waited for a minute or so while he looked over my resume (it was a small business, he is the same person who called me to set up the interview and he’d had the resume for a few days.)

He finally looked up at me and said, “Well, I’m not sure why you applied for this job; you really don’t have any of the skills or experience I’m looking for.” He was just so arrogant and I felt like he was trying to make a power move to make a lowball offer. I didn’t apply to any job that I wasn’t qualified for. I was just instantly pissed that he was playing games. I calmly said, “Then I’m not sure why you‘re wasting my time,” and I stood and walked to the door. He said something like, “Oh, no, let’s talk,” and I told him I wasn’t interested in working for him.

I had a job already, I just wasn’t terribly happy with it, so I really didn’t feel like putting up with his b.s.

RumBunBun Report

I’m a vet tech. Interviewed at a primary care, single doctor practice. The manager was over 25 minutes late to my interview. While I waited for her, the front desk staff ignored me while they talked crap about the techs, manager, and clients. The manager said they did not believe in referring to any specialists, because “Dr. A is a specialist in everything from grizzly bears to canaries.” He was not, he hadn’t even done a rotating internship and definitely had not done any type of residency program.

I had already worked in a toxic clinic, but at least the doctors were competent. When she asked if I had any questions, I just asked if I could have my resume back, so I didn’t waste the paper.

Karbar049 Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It I didn’t walk out but they admitted the wages promised wouldn’t be delivered, but could be after a year! Yeah nope. And I had told them before what my compensation expectations were and they still wasted both of our times having me arrive for an interview. They tried to play it off like “we offer a monthly free lunches, free parking and free bike parking.” Yeah well I can bring my own lunch and take the bus into work.

lockerpunch , Sora Shimazaki Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It It was a commission based sales job selling kitchen knives. The interviewer pulled out a knife and it fell apart in his hands. I am also not a salespeson.

PapaGeorgieo , Thalyson Souza Report

Not quite an interview, but…

When I finished University I didn’t have a sensible job to go to immediately. I went to a job agency and said I was looking for a temporary job for experience working in my chosen field (IT) – I didn’t mind exactly what it was, or really how much it paid. We talked about my existing qualifications and experience.

At the end of the “interview” they said they had the perfect job for me. Someone will pick me up the following morning. I said that I could drive, but no… they would pick me up. Fine.

As I said, didn’t really care where it was or exactly what I was doing as long as it met my (admittedly vague) requests, and they assured me that it was.

The following day a minibus came to get me. So where did they take me to work?

A salad packing factory, to spend the day literally packing salad.

I was getting paid, so what did it matter for one day… The worst was finding out over lunch was that if I had literally just turned up at the factory they would have probably given me work. That is what happened for most of the staff there, who were largely seasonal workers from eastern europe…and those folk were also paid more than me, not because I was new, but anybody who just turned up would likely get work and get paid more than I was.

Obviously they took us there by minibus so we wouldn’t just leave once we’d been tricked into going. So I did exactly that, finished my lunch and then walked home.


73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It They spelled my name wrong on their internal documents all the while emphasizing how important attention to detail was. On top of that they kept asking the same exact question about 12 different ways, which the answer to it was clearly listed in my work experience on my resume.

This was for a thermal engineering position.

They offered a tour of the facility while the person I was to work under finished up a meeting. I declined and left.

Chibbly , Andrea Piacquadio Report

I overheard them discussing the interviews being a formality and that they had a person in mind already.

pop_tab Report

I moved to a new city, and tried finding a job in my preferred area. I went to an interview where I sat down with two well-polished ladies, who were the company owners. One of the women said, “Glad you could make it! Now, before we really begin, I see where you were being paid X amount per hour at your last job. I’m sorry, we can’t afford to pay you that much.”

I immediately smiled, stood right back up, and said, “Thank you for not further wasting my time.” The shocked look on both their faces was priceless as I skedaddled on out of there. They were probably expecting negotiations, but honestly, any person who opens an interview with THAT kind of statement deserves a walkout.

thornyrosary Report

I found a job ad for $15/hr repairing PCs for office depot at full time during the day. They even said 8-5 in the ad and the store was walking distance. Sounds perfect! I go into the interview and they said no it is minimum wage and you are capped at 24 hours a week and they were not taking anyone who was in school or had another job. But after 6 months you might get a bonus. I literally laughed in her face an walked out.

ansteve1 Report

Happened fairly recently. Made it to the third interview for a large company. The first two they told me what my role would be, base pay + commission, told me they were so excited to have me on board because of my experience.

So I sit down for the third interview. They again go over my role, my pay, etc. They say they’re prepared to offer me that job right now and had the paperwork ready since this morning. BUT THEN. They say “But we already hired someone for that. So instead what we’d like you to do is..” and proceeded to tell me the pay was less than half what they were already offering me prior for a lot more work. Basically I went from being offered a management job to just being asked to train all the new employees they just hired then step down to cashier for $10 per hour. And no guaranteed hours.

I stood up and told them I was worried I was wasting their time prior to this interview because I wasn’t entirely sold on the job yet. But after today, it’s become pretty apparent you guys were the ones wasting my time instead. No thank you. And I left.

About an hour later I got a phone call asking for a fourth interview. They called almost every day for two weeks asking me to come back and talk to the owner.

EmbalmMeDaddy Report

Showed up and the woman at the front desk greeted me while I waited for the interview. I introduced myself and handed her my resume, waited. Once I got into the actual interview, I saw that she had taped a bright pink note to my resume that read, “Has the personality of a rock.”

How she determined that from our brief introductory exchange was beyond me at the time. The interviewer saw my facial expression when I saw the note. I thanked him for his time and left.

I later found out (a couple of years later, when I worked with a former employee of that firm) that the woman at the front desk was the boss’s wife. She had made it known that she didn’t want young (or thin, or single) women working in the office. LOL.

This happened close to 30 years ago when I was starting out in my career. I assume the boss and his wife are deceased or at least retired by now. Firm still exists, but clearly policies have changed as their staff is quite diverse – including several younger women.

Aggravating-Lychee27 Report

Showed up early, was let into a waiting room. The only other door in there led into the managers office, and there was a large window so he knew I was there. Waited a bit, another person was let in to wait with me. After about 30 minutes of watching the manager doing not much or anything aside from ignoring us I got up, wished the other person good luck, and left. It was a s**t department store job, and considering they didnt value my time before I was even interviewed I had zero interest in working there.

Justiis Report

Agent got me an interview at what he described as a “gaming company”.. Technically he was correct, but it was an online slot machine dev, and worse they didn’t have the proper licenses when I asked them about it.

GrizzlyBear74 Report

Owner of a bar told me in the 1st interview. to never approach him with a problem because I wouldn’t like how he fixed it.

DeftTrack81 Report

I had been told it was a marketing job. The first interview was about marketing and took place in an office. I got a call back and was very happy as it meant I’d be able to get out of a call center and do something I liked. I took my last day off I was allowed to go to the next interview, and when I got there they said they wanted me to go to the local home depot with them. I got there and found out it was an MLM. I was so stunned that I let them take me out of the floor, and show off the aggressive sales technique they wanted me to use on random customers. I walked out crying because now I had no days off to interview and I was ashamed to have been tricked by the first interview.

ThomasLipnip Report

I applied for a management job that should have paid $75,000+ per year with a multinational Swiss firm and 1/2 way through the Interview they brought up the topic of remuneration. They were offering a little more than half of that pay. I politely explained the average income in Canada is about $54000.00 per year, thanked them for their time and excused myself from the rest of the Interview.

fighting4good Report

I walked out on one, when they told me pay was performance based. Ad said an hourly range, nothing about selling.

I told them it was poor form to not be upfront about this. I had taken a day off work and traveled one hour for it. The interviewer nervously agreed.

TheBklynGuy Report

I applied for a job as a tutor for primary-aged kids. The guy who ran the franchise wanted me to teach a class for half an hour. I asked how much he would pay me to do this. He got very angry and said it was gratis, to see how well I taught.

I have taught adults through to 5 year olds and had the qualifications and references to do this. I felt it was free labour. I sat and mulled it over while kids were arriving for their lesson. He held the door open for the last couple of kids and beckoned me inside. I stood up, looked him in the eyes and walked out. It felt so good.

pacifisttasteglass Report

It was a virtual interview and I ended it. The interviewer was a complete jerk, had an ego, and would make condescending remarks. Just told him that it sounds like he’s not interested in working together so in the interest of both our time, we should just end the call.

cginc1 Report

I finished up four hours of interviews in their offices when I asked my final question to the three senior software engineers in front of me: “Do you enjoy working here?”

I was one of the three people they were looking for to replace them. They were unhappy.

mahade Report

The interviewer did not want to tell me the salary unless I promised to do lots of overtime.

I did not want to commit to do overtime without knowing how much the job was paid.

It was a dead-end and he looked like a crappy boss anyway.

Jonny-Guitar Report

They didn’t advertise the salary. I don’t normally apply to those postings, but this one looked decent and I liked the company. One of their first questions was my salary expectations. Turns out I was expecting double what they wanted to offer.

It was amicable enough for a walk out, but we shook hands and agreed there was no point in continuing.

Lesson learned on applying for jobs that don’t post compensation.

1DownFourUp Report

The person interviewing me was extremely late. When the front office contacted her, I don’t remember her response but I remember it felt like a slap in the face. I already agreed to pick my sister up at the airport and the interview was cutting into my time, so I said f**k it and left.

Dangerous_Effort3355 Report

Went on a job interview for a management position with a rather vague job description. Got there and was taken to a room with about 20 other people, a small stage in front with a closed curtain. After a lengthy introduction about this “great career opportunity” they opened the curtain to reveal… a vacuum cleaner. It was an “interview” to be a door to door vacuum sales person (100% commission based salary). As soon as they opened the curtain I walked out.

cejiv Report

The job listing said it was work for a charity, which seemed nice at the time. Why work for minimum wage stocking shelves when you can work for minimum wage doing some good in the world? Turns out it was fundraising for several charities, you got paid minimum wage but were paid commission for every sucker you managed to swindle into donating. If the donation was big enough, it meant that less than half of the money would be going to the charity.

ConstableBlimeyChips Report

Showed up for an intern position. Waited 15 minutes past the time accorded. Was greeted, went to a bench at the back of the place. The guy told me sorry but he has to see something inside about a meeting. Waited 15 more minutes. Decided to leave. —> not going to work in a place where they cannot fken sort out simple operations such as interviews for internships.

RealDopamine Report

He spent half the interview talking sh..t about the girls who had the position before.


It was a job below my current salary spectrum. I was kinda desperate. I had years of experience in that role.
I attended many interviews in my life so I thought I knew what to expect. I also knew the money they were offering at this one which wasn’t great. But hey. Let’s try. The interview was the most intense, I have ever encountered.I didn’t like the interrogation style of it and seriousness, many tricky questions. 3 people asking me variety of questions in turns, follow up questions, especially for someone who knows the role after years of doing it. It seemed that I was applying for a CEO of all CEOs role.
It was coming to 45minutes when I just started laughing, shaking my head at the ridiculousness of this charade and said I am sorry I can’t do it. Got the job at my current salary rate soon after (elsewhere).

Edit: I know it sounds like a cool story but at that time I was close to tears when I left their building. Close close. For a moment I felt SO upset and hurt that this is my future. Beg for a lower paid job with more responsibilities! Even though I giggled and gave up the process. It was 1 of those surreal situations. Anyways, fortunately because of said experience- I found something right for me soon afterwards. So not too many tears after all!

Alarming_Program_243 Report

73 People Who Walked Out In The Middle Of Job Interviews Share Why They Did It Interview for a computer programming job, and we get to the point where we’re talking about money. They tell me a yearly salary, I do the head math and it’s a reasonable hourly wage. Immediately followed by them: “You’ll be working 60-80 hours per week.”

Me: “Will everything over 40 hours in a week be paid overtime?”

Them: incredulous chuckling

blargney , Sora Shimazaki Report

I once traveled about 30 minutes to a job interview for a sales/account manager position. It turned out to be for Herbalife (some mlm scheme). Nowhere in the ad was Herbalife mentioned, and the entire ad was made to appear as if it was a paid position, rather than me having to spend money. I noped the hell out of there.

Somerandomedude1q2w Report

I once attended an interview where the answers were timed using a ticking alarm clock which rang its bell when the allocated five minutes were up! The interview was micromanaged by a passive aggressive bi**h of a woman with a fake smug smile. I knew that I was doomed and could never work for someone like that so I made my polite excuses and left.


Worked as a permanent software developer for 6 years after university before deciding to quit to do contract work instead for better pay and flexibility. I put myself out there and found a 3 month contract role and was due to start in a weeks time, happy days!

In the meantime I got approached by a recruiter offering me an interview for a permanent role so I said no thanks I’m only interested in contract roles and I’ve found one now anyway so I’m off the market for the next 3 months. Recruiter came back to me and said the company were really interested in me and use contractors too so would like to interview me anyway as they might be able to offer me contract work in 3 months time when I was back on the market.

So the next day I get dressed up all smart, drive an hour through traffic to go to the interview at their office which turned out to be in a s**t hole location. First question: “What’s your availability like if you were offered this role?” “I’m starting a 3 month contract next week” “Why have you come to interview for this permanent job then?” “I haven’t, I said I didn’t want it and the recruiter told me to come anyway because you use contractors too and are interested in using me in future” “No that’s not true we’ve never used contractors, we’re looking for someone permanent to start as soon as possible” “Right ok then bye”

The contract role I’d already secured paid almost as much in 3 months as this job did in a year but the recruiter thought if he could just trick me into going to the interview that maybe I’d change my mind and take his s**tty role instead.

geoffs3310 Report

I had a job I hated after we were bought by a huge corporate entity and interviewed with this guy from a pretty well known tech company. The interview was a ‘lunch’ interview in their campus cafeteria which I though was awkward enough. About 15 minutes into the interview he starts telling me about being on call basically 7×24 and the high pressure environment of supporting their customers and I just told him to stop. I was not interested in being on call 7×24 for the salary they were offering. And so there we are, having lunch…..

BarefootT Report

The ad said it was a salary position with benefits and holidays off. I showed up and it was %100 commission with crappy benefits and insane hours. I was like “I don’t think we should continue with the interview, good day.”

anonymous Report

I was 27 or something and needed a temporary job so I went to interview for a marketing position. The “boss” was a kid at barely 20, offered s**t salary and benefits so I simply said he couldn’t afford my time and left. A month later they call and ask what it would take for me to accept the position since they hadn’t found anyone. Told them my price, they refused. 2 weeks later they called again to say they would hire me on my terms. $50k, 6h workdays, no weekends and a car leased on the company.

Ineversaid Report

Walked out of the third interview after they offered me a sales job that paid less with fewer benefits, after I was clear about my wage expectations. I thanked them for wasting both of our time.

PuckDad Report