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Delusional Husband Insists Wife Must Stay Home With Their Kids So He Can Go To Her Brother’s Wedding And Not Worry About Babysitters

As nice as it would be to live in a world where you could find a partner whose take on life is just like yours, the reality is that no two people can agree on everything. So it’s not the similarities that hold a couple together, but the will to work on the differences. And Reddit user u/3465throw_away thinks her husband might’ve exhausted his.

Earlier this week, she made an honest post about a fight they’ve been having: the woman’s brother is throwing a child-free wedding and her husband, who has babysitter issues, refuses to allow her to accompany him. Instead, he demands she stay at home and watch over their kids while he goes on to celebrate the joyous occasion without her. Sounds awful, I know, but once you read the whole story, I promise, the picture looks even worse.

Image credits: Rafael Alves (not the actual photo)

Lost and confused, the woman asked the internet whether she was in the wrong

Image credits: 3465throw_away

But they think it’s her husband who’s being unreasonable