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“He Begged But I Said No”: Wife Asks If She’s In The Wrong After Her Husband Misses His Flight Since She Didn’t Pack His Suitcase

Marriage is like a marathon: you enter it thinking that “’til death do us part” will be the finish line, but you never really know when it will be over. Staying in this race can be the hardest work you have ever done. Hopefully, it’s also the most rewarding. Unless your partner climbs on your shoulders and you have to start racking up the miles for the both of you.

Just yesterday, Redditor u/LydiaBlue asked other users to share their opinion on a marital conflict that’s been plaguing her mind. You see, her husband recently missed a business flight because the two of them couldn’t agree whose job it was to pack his things. It sounds simple, but the situation is much more complex and revolves around empathy, trust, and other vital parts of a healthy relationship.

I could tell you more about it but I think it’d be better if you simply read u/LydiaBlue’s original post.

Image credits: Craig Adderley

Image credits: LydiaBlue____

People think the woman handled the situation perfectly