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Husband Sells His Wife’s Antique Tea Set For $300, Justifying He Needed The Money For His Nephew, She Sells His Xbox To Buy It Back

Trust is an essential ingredient in building and maintaining a healthy marriage. Without it, the quality of a relationship deteriorates and problems start compounding fast.

So when Redditor u/__HeavenlyPeace399 learned that her husband went behind her back and secretly sold her family’s antique tea set, she was very disappointed.

In the man’s eyes, he did it for a noble cause — to reward his nephew for beating cancer with something the boy wanted for a long time. A gaming chair. But his wife didn’t see it that way.

She felt like she’d lost her priceless heirloom over a promise she didn’t even make. So the woman decided to buy it back with her husband’s Xbox. But when everything was said and done, she started having doubts about whether or not that was appropriate.

Eventually, she turned to Reddit to tell her story and ask what other users think about it. Here’s what she wrote.

Image credits: Flickr (not the actual photo)

Image credits: __HeavenlyPeace399

People think this conflict could be a sign of a bigger marital problem