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“I Wasn’t Ready For This”: This Man’s Impression Of Robin Williams Is So Good, People Demand A Full Biopic

It requires a lot of talent and hard work to become a memorable star actor or actress. But once one has succeeded, this person becomes loved and adored by many. This is what happened with the American actor and comedian Robin Williams. The actor who died in 2014 at the age of 63 is acknowledged as one of the best comedy actors of all time.

This is why when a video titled ROBIN Test Footage Scene saw the light of day, it soon was viewed by almost 3 million people.

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Robin Williams was known as one of the most talented actors and comedians who entertained people with his skillful improvisations

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The video starred Jamie Costa, an American actor, director, producer and entertainer, who is known for his resemblance to Robin Williams. In the video, Costa plays Williams in the ’80s. The scene shows how Williams is rehearsing for the TV show Mork & Mindy when his co-star Pam Dawber (played by Sarah Murphree) comes bearing horrible news. She announces that his friend, actor and comedian John Belushi, has died of a drug overdose.

Recently, 31-year-old actor Jamie Costa released a video where he plays Robin Williams in the ’80s

Image credits: Jamie Costa

A 5-minute video showed the reaction of Williams finding out the news and him managing to get himself together and carry on further. Costa’s impression of the late actor was so accurate and impressive that it started a discussion among people online about a biopic starring Costa.

Image credits: Jamie Costa

Image credits: Jamie Costa

Image credits: Jamie Costa

The video went viral with almost 3 million views on YouTube, sparking a discussion about Costa’s resemblance to Williams

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“Screen test” star Costa was born in 1990. He became known in 2014, the same year the actor Williams died, because of how much Costa reminded people of him. That year, Costa uploaded a video called “Never Had A Friend Like Him” where he does impressions of various characters played by Williams.

What do you think about Costa’s performance? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

You can check out the full video down below!

Image credits: Jamie Costa

The video caught the attention of Zelda Williams, one of the late actor’s kids

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People online were fascinated by the performance, asking for a full movie starring Costa as Williams

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Despite how strong Costa’s performance was, some users expressed their concern about the idea of creating a whole movie

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