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People Are Sharing How They Got In Trouble At Work For The Weirdest Things (87 Tweets)

From time to time problems arise in any workplace. Sometimes, it’s the colleague on your left, other times it’s the manager getting into trouble, and on some occasions, you’re the one to take the blame. And while we do really mess up and have to take responsibility for our actions here and there (no one was born a perfect employee!), some superiors do seem to really enjoy putting us down, for whatever crazy reasons.

Recently, labor activist Katie Harrington initiated a Twitter thread asking people “what’s the weirdest thing you ever got in trouble at work for?” She also shared how she was “accused of being disrespectful because the six people I CCd on an email weren’t listed in order of seniority.”

Read on for some of the most facepalm-worthy responses down below! They will make you wonder what on earth is going on in employers’ heads, and how we all deserve a medal for putting up with it and showing up with a smile 5 days a week.