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People Who Actually Like Their Jobs Are Sharing What They Do (35 Tweets)

I like my job. Really, I do! I think it’s the perfect blend of working on fun topics, doing serious research, interviewing awesome people, and getting to do what I love most (that’s writing!) a third of the day. (The other two-thirds are, naturally, spent sleeping and eating.) However, the simple fact remains that far from every person likes their job. Plenty of people are gritting their teeth, trying to get to the weekend ASAP, breaking their backs for the next paycheck, secretly daydreaming about a job they’d love.

This article, however, is all about liking your job. Twitter user Mistermoviespod, aka Monsieur cinèma, the creator of ‘Mister Movies Pod Cast,’ sparked a fun and engaging discussion when he asked his followers who actually enjoy their jobs to share what they do.

We’ve collected some of the best responses so have a scroll down, have a read, and let everyone know which jobs sound the coolest to you, dear Pandas. Oh, and if you’re feeling brave enough to share, we’d love to hear whether you like your job and, if so, what it is you do!

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Image credits: mistermoviespod