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“The World’s Youngest Parents Were 8 And 9”: 30 Weird Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Shared By This TikTok User

It appears that no matter how much people are curious about the world, it seems to surprise us every time. But it doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to get to know the most about it. Having this in mind, TikTok user @destorm started sharing videos with random yet interesting facts about our world. The TikToker with 8.7M followers shares things such as how many smells our nose can remember, the hottest temperature that was ever recorded, when do people “get” their fingerprints, and so much more. 

DeStorm Power is not only an internet personality and entrepreneur but also an actor, comedian, and rapper. Alongside managing his streaming service business The Zeus Network and creating content for his YouTube channel, he also posts short and entertaining videos on TikTok. 

Which one of these facts presented by DeStorm do you find most interesting? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Image source: destorm


You can eat garlic through your feet. If you rub it on the sole of your foot, you’ll taste it in your mouth in 30 minutes.

David Pursehouse , destorm Report


The word okay, which stands for all correct or oll korrect is the most frequently used word on the planet.

Alan Levine , destorm Report


Dogs smell 1000 times more accurately than humans. So stop being surprised when the drug sniffing dog finds your weed stash at the airport.

liz west , destorm Report


You don’t get your fingerprints until you’re three months old. So if you want to commit a crime, just hire a couple babies.

Bart Everson , destorm Report


You are taller in the morning. So the next time you want to lie about your height, do it in the morning.

Waterford_Man , destorm Report


Frogs don’t need to drink water because they can absorb it directly through their skin.

Curious Curiouser , destorm Report

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