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Vegan Gets Served A Real Burger Without Even Knowing It, And Her Experience Ignites An Important Discussion

Carnivores vs vegans is an age-old conflict that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon. It’s really tense. And while there is no easy way to settle it, I think we can agree that a little empathy from both sides could do a lot of good. This story, however, is about something from the opposite side of the spectrum.

Yesterday, Redditor u/NarfoOnTheNet rediscovered a once-viral Tumblr thread about a server who thought it was OK to give a vegan girl a real hamburger. It touches on such important topics as religion, health, ethics, and remains relevant to this day, so we thought it’s only appropriate we shared it with you, dear Pandas, as well.

Image credits: Pavel Danilyuk (not the actual photo)

When Tumblr users discovered this exchange on Twitter, they couldn’t stay silent about it

The discussion touched on such important topics as religion, health, and ethics

And once again reminded that diners need to get exactly what they order

Both industry workers and customers found this behavior unacceptable