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“What’s The Creepiest Message You’ve Received From Someone?” (35 Answers)

Getting in touch with someone has never been this easy. We can text our friends, talk to people we’re playing a video game with, or have a video conference with our coworkers. You get the picture. However, this also means that we’re easy to reach too. And not everyone is interested in having a nice conversation.

There’s an interesting post on r/AskReddit by u/AStutler4907 where they asked other users: “What’s the creepiest message you’ve received from someone?” Turns out, there are quite a few disturbing individuals who either have some sort of ulterior motive or just want to spread fear and chaos.

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) This happened when I was around 16 or 17. I was on a bus and in my school’s sport uniform. Then I got a text from an unsaved number asking “are you not cold in those thin clothes?” (It was a chill morning)

So looked around inside the bus immediately and got another text: “stop looking you’re not going to find me.”

Real_Kristinana , Ant Rozetsky Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) Last year I broke up with a guy I briefly dated. I got really bad stalker vibes from him so I cut him off completely – blocked him on my phone and every messenger I have and deleted my FB profile. A couple of weeks later I learned that he moved to my city which really freaked me out.

On my birthday in November I found a birthday card from him in my mailbox – no stamp so I know he’s been to my house. It was really creepy but I didn’t hear from him ever again after that. Until now.

Fast forward to this year November. Again, he threw a birthday card and a gift card into my mailbox – no stamp. I’ve moved TWICE since last year and yet he was able to locate me on my birthday, so I know he’s still monitoring where I live. I am now absolutely convinced that he’s nuts. In what world can he believe that I find this intrusive behaviour considerate or romantic?

Cringe_Fairy , Jason Leung Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) Was playing some CS:GO. Teammate started out really nice at the start of the game. We started losing and he got really really toxic. I told him to calm down or something like that and he said “I will fucking kill you in real life.” After the game he sent me a friend request. I accepted expecting him to do some trash talking and call me shit. Instead he sent me my Address, My dad’s full name and my phone number. Being 16, I was terrified.

ZaidaBeatrice Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) It wasn’t the message that was creepy it was the details.

I got a friend request and a message on FB from some dude with a car as his profile pic. The message was just something like, “Hey, remember me?” I didn’t and had to be like who are you.

It turned out it was this dude from a Chinese restaurant near my house. He remembered my name from my debit card and searched me out.

Snickerdoodleydoo , Debbie Tea Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) A random number send me a long SMS in which he argue that I shouldn’t be f***ing truck drivers for cheap money while I can hook up with him and his rich friends for much more money. I replied that I am a guy and he probably has the wrong number, to which he replied that he knew who am I and gave me my university dorm address. I blocked him instantly but it creeped me so much then. It may be a prank but it didn’t sound like one, and I was an international student there so I didn’t really have friends who would prank me like this.

MAYA3024 , Priscilla Du Preez Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) I was very active in a subreddit devoted to supporting people dealing with a specific mental illness a while back. I was talking about some personal shit. Specifically, I was talking about how I was a victim of a violent crime in high school and about how it messed me up for so long but I think I was starting to get better. That there was hope for this person I was interacting with.

Someone later messaged me saying I deserved what happened to me and they’d gladly do the same to me based on my post history.

I deleted that account and got into therapy. That shit messed me up.

BabyGotBackbone , Priscilla Du Preez Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) ‘Hey you look like my sister and I’m into inbreeding’.


I messaged back ‘that’s good to hear cause my brother is also my father’.

Nailed it. He didn’t reply back.

siobhan76 , Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) I once had a 55 year old stalker. He came into my job everyday for a year before he introduced himself to me. Never said a word to me in person. But he wrote me a 5 page introduction letter. He wrote about how special I am and how my boyfriend doesn’t deserve me, that I need a special kind of love. He wrote about how perfect he could be for me and he has what it takes to please me. He wrote about how our interests are similar and about how he can take care of me. He mentioned many things I have talked about with other customers while he must have been present in the store. He also left me presents. Two antique glass heart ornaments. He left the letter and presents on my car where I parked in the lot out back. It was creepy as hell because I was closing that night by myself and locked up and left by myself. And I didn’t find this out until later, but he lived in the house that bordered the back lot. So he was probably watching me through the blinds (later realized he was watching me through his blinds for some time and he wouldn’t stop) as I was reading the letter. I honestly thought it was some kind of joke! I thought it was from these boys in town just making fun of me. Anyway, the messages kept coming so eventually I had to contact the police. And it turns out it really was this 55 year old man with an unusual obsession against me so I did have to get a restraining order and he was no longer allowed to step foot in my job. Nor was I allowed to leave work alone. I was also 20 at the time. So creepy.

goestoeswoes , Omar Lopez Report

Might not be “serial killer” creepy but a man once messaged me “$200.00” when I asked him what he meant he said that him and his friends were betting on how easily he could lay me and that he’d get $200.00 for getting me into bed (I’m a lesbian) He was as old if not older than my own father and I told him in the calmest way possible how gross it was, how ashamed he should be and told him I would be forwarding the screenshots to his daughter and family (I did)

Le-Letty Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) One of my neighbors messaged me asking if I had recently been on the elevator. Because he could smell it. Said I was clearly ovulating, very fertile, and that triggered his male senses.

There’s like 60 apartments in my building. But he was right. Creeped me out.

EglantineXXX , KM L Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) A man ten years older than me sent me a long message declaring his undying love for me, said he was going to leave his wife and kids for me how he couldn’t stop thinking of me and he wanted to be with me forever and how he’d divorce her so we could be together…I was 18 and barely said a few words to him

sweetpoison02 , Porapak Apichodilok Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) At about 11pm, a family friend texts me this: ( as accurately as I remember)

“Look, I thought I could do it. I can’t. It’s been six months since it happened and nobody even cares anymore. He’s just a kid. I do not want to be any further involved, ask someone else.”

About 30 seconds later,

“Oh, sorry, that was just a mistake. I meant to send that to my brother, we’re just messing around.”

I don’t know man.

breastsofmen , Free-Photos Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) I was selling a bed on Facebook. Before you start thinking of what could have been sent to me let me to tell you, you’re wrong and it’s worse.

It began with the automated: “Are you still selling this?”

I replied “Yes.”

7 MONTHS later I get a message “Did your kid sleep in it? Did he wet the bed at all?”

I replied “No I slept on it, it’s perfectly clean” (thought to myself well that’s fine I would want to know if a kid had peed on the bed I’m gonna buy, also yes I still hadn’t sold it yet)

He replied “Too bad.”

Then I realized he was only interested in it if a kid had slept in it and peed. Sent chills down my spine that I was possibly talking to a pedophile.

downvoteforwhy , Brett Jordan Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) I received a recycled number and the previous owner had used it everywhere from his bank to shopping websites so I used to get a lot of spam. I even tried to explain to the bank when they called regarding the account. One day someone added me on Snapchat through my phone number and upon seeing my Snapchat story, a 35 year old woman replied to my story of watching Star wars by saying “I attended your funeral.”

aamaterasuu , Neelabh Raj Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) When I was around thirteen, I got a text message saying something like “I’m the tooth fairy, make a wish.” I asked the person who they were, they kept trying to get me to tell them what I wanted. My mom and I promptly called the police.

Still creeped out by it…

[deleted] , Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) A guy was writing me on Grindr. I wasn’t interested, so I said I wasn’t interested. He keeps persisting that we should meet tonight. I was like w/e, stopped responding. Then he said he would take his car to come find me. When i refreshed the app I saw the distance drop from 3000m to 200m. He was like “I’m close now”. Then I blocked him, turned off all lights in my apartment (I live on the 1st floor). Now I’m careful to have distance showing on dating apps…

EttGlasVatten , NordWood Themes Report

I accidentally got talking to a crazy Christian chick who was engaged to get married in a few months. Her husband is a ginger and I am also – turns out she has a major fetish for them.

One day she was talking to me online while playing a modded version of the Sims video game. She popped up and said “hey, look what I built”. She sends me a few screenshots of the game: turns out she’d made myself and her husband in a gay relationship on the game. The details were scarily accurate with the face / body creation. The first screenshot I got was me, in game, naked (the mod has full nude Sims with penises and all) with my legs spread on a kitchen bench with her husband fucking me in the ass.

Yes, I still have the pictures. I slowly stopped talking to her after that.

GingerbreadBrad Report

My mother died in 2016 and a couple weeks later I got a text message from her number that nearly stopped my heart it read “KO” which I found weirdly fitting.

meohmy98 Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) “Turn around, I’m at the end of the street”

A text from a guy who was interested in me. I was walking home from work and he’d asked if I was home yet. I said no so he drove my walk home and then text me when he saw me. I was so creeped out.

I refused a lift to his surprise

feebee87 , Brooke Cagle Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) A dude chose to open a conversation by declaring “I have beautiful eyes”.

He also included a picture.

It wasn’t of his eyes.

TheGeraffe , JC Gellidon Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) Someone said “You looked really good in your blue dress today” fake fb profile, didn’t have any pictures and I was wearing a blue dress.

reachmou , Alex Shaw Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) I run a gift card business that is specifically destined to be in my small country. I make the card, we plan on a meetup, I give them the card, I get paid, we go our separate ways.

I got a message from a guy, wanting a card for a friend’s birthday. All fine, I made the card, and we met up. I got my money, and we left. A week later, I got a text from him. Thinking it might be a thank you, or a review, as I often get those, I checked it, but it just said: “I like your shirt.”

This got me a little suspicious, as I was wearing my favourite shirt that had a transformers logo on it, so I just replied with a “Thanks”, and moved on. Then I got a message almost immediately after I put it down, saying, “I like transformers too.”

I immediately got paranoid and moved away from where I was sitting. I then replied with a warning that I will call the police on him, and that I had his number, and that I still remembered what he looked like. He backed off after that.

My business is still running, but I’m much more careful now.

EnderPlayz286 , Kaboompics .com Report

I had posted some innocuous comment about a female comedian (whom I wasn’t even particularly fond of!), to which some random man took massive offence. Continued to barrage me with the most vile comments (all women who are fat and want to be raped etc.) , I disengage and put my mobile away.

Not even ten minutes later he had gone back through all the pictures of the last five years, commenting and getting increasingly graphic with his threats.

Culminates in him sending me a message how he would prefer to “rape” my toddler daughter because her “cunt” would be “peachier”.

Real kicker is that before I blocked him I took a look at his account – no sock puppet/troll, but a man with his smiling kids in his profile pic, employer and scenes of family life. He had no fear sending sexual threats to someone under his own name after one public comment.

Sinnes-loeschen Report

Hoping it was just someone fucking with me. Note dropped in my locker in 10th grade with a pretty simple, quite creepy poem.

It read:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you ever feel alone,

I’m always watching you 🙂

Might’ve been a prank because there was never any followup.

to_the_tenth_power Report

Used to live across the street from the high school. There was a field out back where the football players would practice. We had just moved there to a new town and so I didn’t really know anyone yet. I was just at home one night, scrolling Facebook on the family computer in the main room when I got a FB message from a kid I kinda knew the name of but hadn’t talked to.

He told me I looked good and he was happy that he knew where I lived. I think he was trying to be funny and break the ice but I often think about how hard he must cringe looking back. It was like the start of a teenage stalker horror movie.

zorpthedestroyer Report

Somebody went through my post history and found a photo I took where the ends of my shoes are visible. Dude then proceeded to demand feet pics and sent me very creepy pms

lenins5th_nut Report

Not me, but my mom. My mom was selling shoes on Craigslist and got a message from a man who I guess basically had a foot fetish and also some sort of female domination fetish? He was like, “I’m a very submissive guy. I have some fish net stockings that I think would look great on you…” without ever seeing my mom. Anyway, needless to say she was very creeped out.

[deleted] Report

"What's The Creepiest Message You've Received From Someone?" (35 Answers) This happened in 2012-2013 when we were living in an apartment in the city. My wife and I were out shopping one day when I noticed I had a missed call. Checked to see who from and it was from our land-line.. We didn’t live with anyone else and my phone was brand new so no one even had my new number yet either. I had a voicemail so we checked that. It was just the phone hanging up. Quiet and then the dead tone. Very weird and creepy.

JUSTAG4YGIRL , George Chandrinos Report

At 15 someone asked to buy my used panties and socks.

pxndxv Report

About a year after graduating high school, I was playing hockey with my buddy when both of our phones beep. It was our former HS band teacher. We had his number from a cross country field trip the band went on. The message:

Hey guys it’s [former band teacher]. Group gang bang tonight. Let me know if your in.

Njdevils11 Report

I was running late for work one morning, a couple years ago, and got a phone call from a local number I didn’t recognise. Asked who was calling and a deep, muffled voice said something like “it’s Mike”. I didn’t know any Mikes and figured it was a wrong number, so I said as much, hung up and kept getting ready.

Then I heard my phone go off again. And again. And again. Checked my texts and I had a series of messages like “I’m at the hotel” “I’m opening the door to your room” “You’re naked on the bed” etc. from the same number. I’d had enough by that point so I replied “If this is (friend who loved to pull pranks), fuck you. And if this is a psychopath, can we do this later? I’m late for work. Thanks”.

They replied “You’re funny, bye” and that was the last I heard from them. Grilled all of my friends and I’m sure none of them were behind the messages.

ETA: I’m from Quebec, I knew one Mike (former friend’s bf) but that’s literally it. I know a whole lot of Alexandres and Gabriels though. I’m loving these replies :’)

chinookwinds Report

Got a message from someone on Reddit asking me how no one had killed me yet.

[deleted] Report

I got it forwarded to me on social media from a girl I knew.

There was a girl who went to my highschool, she was obviously interested in me but I had friend zoned her but found her pleasant company at least.

We used to ride the bus together and socialize a bit on breaks. She would often bring me coffee and stuff with the morning bus.

Anyway it turned out she was obsessed and would write to this other girl about her fantasies and told her how she planned to mix a lovepotion into my coffee. I got forwarded all these stories, details and plans she’d been thinking up over a year. Quite scary shit.

Silvfer Report