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Woman Gets Disinvited From A Wedding So She Takes Back Her Wedding Dress That She Promised To Lend To The Bride, The Bride Makes A Scene

Recently, a woman has taken an incident she had with a bride to Reddit to get some advice on the incident that happened. “My sister in law liked my wedding dress a lot and she asked to wear it for her wedding,” the author, who said they were close ‘like sisters,’ recounted. So the author happily lent her the dress, but soon regretted her decision.

It turns out that after fighting with her parents who were paying for it all, the bride decided not to invite the author’s wife for ‘obvious reasons.’ “I said I won’t come unless my wife comes.” The tension between the two kept escalating and resulted in the bride uninviting her beloved SIL, and her SIL taking back the dress.

Now, with the bride furious at not getting the dress, the author wants to know if it was the right thing to do.

The bride got furious after the author asked for her dress that the bride had borrowed back

Image credits: Anthony Espinosa (not the actual photo)

It turns out, the bride decided to uninvite the author because she “didn’t want any drama” on her big day, but the situation is much more complex than that

Image credits: ____notworthit35

And this is what people commented about this whole situation