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Women Are Saving Time On Dating Apps By Asking For Controversial Opinions As The First Thing And These Are 47 Answers They Got

The internet can be a wonderful tool to use to connect with people that are like-minded, that can help you with your problems or that can become your romantic partners in the future. There are numerous apps which can assist you with the latter. But if you have any experience with those apps, you realize that there are so many people who don’t share the same values as you and it turns out that you just wasted your time getting to know a person with whom you can’t see yourself.

But after some time, you find some tricks and control questions that immediately reveal if the conversation is worth continuing. TikToker Amanda N went viral with 9 million views for sharing her method of asking the other person to tell their most controversial opinion and showing their answers. Other TikTokers joined the trend too and we found out that this simple question actually reveals a lot about a person.

Image credits: heatherh0

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